NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
bitreich-shortFork of bitreich-httpd to shorten URLs Willy Goiffon2020-10-15 14:12
dedupdeduplicating backup program Dimitris Papastamos2019-07-13 00:24
distrolinux distribution experiments Willy Goiffon2018-10-30 23:22
glazierwindow management experiments Willy Goiffon2020-06-18 11:38
hadarawgsHadara adaptation for Willy Goiffon2020-05-18 16:02
humanprint numbers in human-readable format Willy Goiffon2017-06-07 06:53
libeechbittorrent library Willy Goiffon2020-03-25 10:46
libwmX windows manipulation library dcat/z3bra2020-06-17 08:11
mkbdisplay progress bars in the terminal Willy Goiffon2015-11-15 14:56
mkportsrecipes for building multiple softwares with mk(1) Willy Goiffon2017-05-31 06:29
monochromaticmonochromatic blog: Willy Goiffon2019-12-27 15:17
phroxyGopher to HTTP proxy Willy Goiffon2020-10-22 13:47
pmbarely a pack manager Willy Goiffon2020-06-02 11:04
randrprint current monitor size 2019-12-28 21:29
ratoxFIFO based tox client sin/frign2018-07-05 20:28
repolist/download/sync packs with remote repositories Willy Goiffon2017-11-27 07:49
safepassword protected secret keeper Willy Goiffon2020-06-10 07:32
scriboEmail-based phlog generator Willy Goiffon2020-09-20 10:06
scriptsvarious script and utils Willy Goiffon2017-07-28 21:17
sexlibtermbox based text editor dcat/z3bra2016-04-06 06:27
sicksign and check files using ed25519 Willy Goiffon2020-06-02 11:36
skrollscroll a text to stdout Willy Goiffon2019-07-01 09:15
spkpStacking wayland compositor Willy Goiffon2020-11-16 17:09
synksynchronize files between hosts Willy Goiffon2019-07-01 09:10
typrTyping practice program Willy Goiffon2019-12-31 10:25
webdump[FORK] git:// Hiltjo Posthuma2020-03-12 21:33
wendywatch files/directories and run commands on any event Willy Goiffon2020-09-03 10:10
wmutilsX windows manipulation utilities dcat/z3bra2019-12-03 16:40
xmenudrop-down menu for X11 Willy Goiffon2020-10-28 10:04