NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
distrosmall linux distro experiment z3bra2018-10-30 23:22
fcountcount files in a directory z3bra2014-05-12 17:32
glazierthe original window manipulator z3bra2016-08-12 00:10
gm(orphaned) group manager using libcxb z3bra2015-10-20 17:10
humanoutput numbers in human-readable formats z3bra2017-06-07 06:53
libeechBitTorrent library z3bra2018-07-11 06:48
libwmlibrary for X windows manipulations dcat/z3bra2016-08-12 00:08
mkbrepresent a percentage as a fancy progress bar z3bra2015-11-15 14:56
mkportsrecipes for building multiple softwares with mk(1) z3bra2017-05-31 06:29
monochromaticmonochromatic blog: z3bra2019-04-19 07:21
pmbarely a pack manager z3bra2019-07-02 08:58
proutprint out papers using libcups z3bra2016-02-14 00:19
qmkUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2019-09-02 11:54
ratoxFIFO based tox client sin/frign2018-07-05 20:28
repoList, download and sync packs with remote repositories z3bra2017-11-27 07:49
safePassword protected secret keeper z3bra2019-09-16 05:39
scriptsvarious script and utils z3bra2017-07-28 21:17
sexsimple editor extended using libtermbox dcat/z3bra2016-04-06 06:27
sicksign and check files using ed25519 z3bra2019-07-01 08:52
skrollscroll a text to stdout z3bra2019-07-01 09:15
synksynchronize files between hosts z3bra2019-07-01 09:10
wendywatch files or directory and run commands on any event z3bra2019-07-01 09:05
wmutilsX windows manipulation utilities dcat/z3bra2015-11-27 17:12