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2020-11-16 17:09Rely on internal xdg_surface's mapped attribute for mappingWilly Goiffon1+11-28
2020-11-16 15:04Refactor window grabbing codeWilly Goiffon1+89-97
2020-11-16 13:50Move variable declarations to the top in cb_frame_output()Willy Goiffon1+2-1
2020-11-16 13:23Rename internal state struct to "spkp"Willy Goiffon1+44-44
2020-11-16 13:15Rename "toplevel" window attribute to "xdg"Willy Goiffon1+13-13
2020-11-16 13:12Rename "topmost" window attribute to "surface"Willy Goiffon1+7-7
2020-11-16 10:47Map new windows in the middle of the outputWilly Goiffon1+38-2
2020-11-15 21:37Give focus to the window clickedWilly Goiffon1+7-6
2020-11-15 15:02Refactor mouse click events handlingWilly Goiffon2+92-60
2020-11-14 21:37Make selection border color stand outWilly Goiffon2+5-7
2020-11-14 20:05Rename compositor to SP:KPWilly Goiffon3+18-17
2020-11-14 12:52Drop privileges early when running with setuid()Willy Goiffon1+22-1
2020-11-14 09:13Setup keyboard according to XKB_DEFAULT_* env varsWilly Goiffon1+6-0
2020-11-13 22:21Enable output on start for DRM modeWilly Goiffon1+3-0
2020-11-13 16:59Setup server-side decorations for GTKWilly Goiffon1+9-0
2020-11-13 16:44Add keybind to show the desktopWilly Goiffon2+19-0
2020-11-13 16:28Update default valuesWilly Goiffon1+4-4
2020-11-13 16:22Add xdg_output_manager supportWilly Goiffon1+2-0
2020-11-13 16:12Add support for setting selectionWilly Goiffon1+19-0
2020-11-13 16:11Teleport windows with middle clickWilly Goiffon1+25-16
2020-11-13 14:50Add the ability to draw squares on the backgroundWilly Goiffon1+11-1
2020-11-13 14:49Use a drawing box to move/resize windowsWilly Goiffon1+52-33
2020-11-13 09:56Add function to run a processWilly Goiffon2+26-2
2020-11-13 09:13Move border rendering to its own functionWilly Goiffon1+42-10
2020-11-13 08:50Update config.def.h to include reverse cycling of windowsWilly Goiffon1+8-2
2020-11-13 08:49Handle cycling through windows in reverse orderWilly Goiffon1+12-8
2020-11-13 08:49Pass argument when calling keybind functionWilly Goiffon1+1-1
2020-11-13 08:43Check keybinding more preciselyWilly Goiffon1+11-2
2020-11-12 16:03Add function to cycle windowsWilly Goiffon2+39-8
2020-11-12 14:17Use a different border color for active windowWilly Goiffon2+7-2
2020-11-12 13:42Add move/resize by dragging bordersWilly Goiffon1+27-11
2020-11-10 16:53Remove unnecessary header filesWilly Goiffon4+10-25
2020-11-10 15:20Support xdg-decoration v1 protocol to enforce SSDWilly Goiffon2+85-3
2020-11-10 12:28Add simple client bordersWilly Goiffon2+14-2
2020-11-10 12:05Take surface position into account on resizeWilly Goiffon1+2-2
2020-11-10 11:24Reorder cb_click() to avoid passing events when grabbedWilly Goiffon1+27-21
2020-11-10 10:51Refactor move/resize mouse operationsWilly Goiffon1+30-21
2020-11-10 10:34Do not change keyboard focus when hovering over a windowWilly Goiffon1+0-2
2020-11-10 10:30Add topmost surface attributes to the windowWilly Goiffon1+34-59
2020-11-10 10:05Add makefile for unaware peopleWilly Goiffon1+30-0
2020-11-10 09:50Move keybindings configuration to config.hWilly Goiffon2+50-10
2020-11-10 09:37Cleanup code style and add commentsWilly Goiffon1+74-28
2020-11-09 19:02Add basic move and resize feature with the mouseWilly Goiffon1+63-11
2020-11-09 16:57Prevent crash when rendering frames without a textureWilly Goiffon1+5-1
2020-11-09 15:40Refactor pointer motion event handlingWilly Goiffon1+77-28
2020-11-09 13:44Refactor window focus event handlingWilly Goiffon1+96-14
2020-11-09 13:35Fix seat capabilities settingsWilly Goiffon1+2-0
2020-11-09 10:14Add cursor support (passthrough)Willy Goiffon1+166-47
2020-11-09 09:15Use (void)x trick to suppress unused parameter warningsWilly Goiffon1+9-0
2020-11-09 09:02Rearrange startup and add output_layout/cursor initWilly Goiffon1+39-14
2020-11-08 14:51Add seat and keyboard handlingWilly Goiffon2+168-1
2020-11-08 11:04Fix client mapping and support destroyWilly Goiffon1+8-3
2020-11-08 11:03Remove debug statementWilly Goiffon1+0-1
2020-11-08 10:34Add xdg-shell protocol for client renderingWilly Goiffon3+159-9
2020-11-07 23:03Use wlroots rendering API to paint outputWilly Goiffon1+26-38
2020-11-07 10:50Initial Compositor skeletonWilly Goiffon5+315-0