synchronize files between hosts
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2019-07-01 09:10Update contact informationWilly Goiffon3+3-3
2017-07-20 06:24Bump version 1.1z3bra1+1-1
2017-06-08 06:12Add makefile to build the softwarez3bra1+26-0
2017-06-08 06:11Update README for better clarityz3bra1+22-27
2017-06-08 06:06Add missing netinet/in.h headerz3bra1+1-0
2017-06-06 06:32Rename variables to match naming conventionz3bra1+5-5
2017-06-06 06:30Make argument type more specificz3bra1+1-1
2017-06-06 06:29Rearrange headers orderz3bra2+6-4
2016-09-12 11:40Bump version 1.0z3bra2+2-2
2016-09-09 11:28Wait for the client to close the connectionz3bra1+3-1
2016-09-09 06:31Use _POSIX_PATH_MAX instead of PATH_MAXWilly2+4-4
2016-09-09 06:04Parse config in client mode onlyWilly1+6-6
2016-09-08 16:07Update mkfile to install manpagesWilly1+9-1
2016-09-08 16:03Add manpage for the synk.conf(5) fileWilly1+49-0
2016-09-08 12:22Add manpage for the synk(1) commandWilly1+107-0
2016-09-08 12:19Pass the -p flag in server modeWilly1+3-2
2016-09-08 06:21HOST arg is optionnalWilly1+1-1
2016-09-07 12:37Add debug informationsWilly1+6-8
2016-09-07 12:09Merge branch 'loadconf'Willy6+487-65
2016-09-07 12:07Remove log level LOG_ERRORWilly1+19-21
2016-09-06 11:42Update README to reflect current program stateWilly1+33-121
2016-09-06 11:41Slight change to a debug logWilly1+1-1
2016-09-06 11:37Don't flush the peer list between synchronisationsWilly1+5-3
2016-09-06 10:16Handle files smaller than 127 bytesWilly1+2-2
2016-09-06 06:46Peer localhost data with other peersWilly1+8-12
2016-09-06 06:35Update log messagesWilly1+9-8
2016-09-06 06:34Lower sha512 buffer sizeWilly1+2-2
2016-09-04 21:18Fix comparison and add logsWilly1+16-3
2016-09-04 08:32Rearrange function declarationWilly1+187-180
2016-09-03 22:55Wait for child processes before returningWilly1+3-0
2016-09-03 22:03Rely on remote synk(1) being in the PATHWilly1+1-1
2016-09-03 21:59Add a -q(uiet) mode to kill error messagesWilly1+2-1
2016-09-03 21:57Don't fail if a file doesn't existsWilly1+4-6
2016-09-03 21:53Convert perror() calls to log(LOG_ERROR, ..)Willy1+16-16
2016-09-03 21:46Actually run the rsync command generatedWilly1+7-2
2016-09-03 21:45Set verbosity to LOG_ERROR by defaultWilly1+2-2
2016-09-03 21:36Make the client reconnect RETRY timesWilly1+12-5
2016-09-03 21:34Use SIGALRM to make the server timeoutWilly1+4-0
2016-09-03 21:28Put host in serverloop in network orderWilly1+1-1
2016-09-03 20:58Use hostname over IP for ssh/rsyncWilly1+6-12
2016-09-02 17:02Merge branch 'rspawn'Willy1+25-0
2016-09-02 17:01Make the HOST param mandatoryWilly1+1-1
2016-09-02 16:59Save the hostname information in peer_t structsWilly1+16-9
2016-09-02 16:57Add function to quickly resolve hostnames to in_addrWilly1+20-0
2016-09-02 11:52Make server mode one-shotWilly2+15-22
2016-09-01 23:07Fix sha512_compare() to use a referent peerWilly1+4-8
2016-09-01 23:05Add verbose flagWilly1+2-1
2016-09-01 22:38Read struct from server in chunksWilly1+10-5
2016-09-01 22:37Implement log(LEVEL, fmt, ...) mechanismWilly1+10-0
2016-09-01 22:36Reformatting code for shorter linesWilly1+8-3
2016-09-01 16:34syncfile() returns with 0 if no difference is foundWilly1+1-1
2016-09-01 12:10Function dosyncÃ(Ã) outputs the commands to runWilly1+17-9
2016-09-01 12:09Cosmetic changes and small bugfixesWilly1+12-12
2016-09-01 10:06dosync() function to actually perform the synkroWilly1+29-1
2016-09-01 06:05Improve error checking in concat()Willy1+5-3
2016-08-31 21:46New function to concatenate arraysWilly1+39-0
2016-08-30 22:15Add an echo() functionWilly1+26-0
2016-08-30 21:03Remove useless logWilly1+0-2
2016-08-30 21:00Have getmetadata() return a pointer to the metadataWilly1+41-42
2016-08-30 20:45Comment getmetadata() functionWilly1+4-0
2016-08-30 20:39Rename syncstatus() to uptodate()Willy1+4-4
2016-08-30 20:35Add syncfile(), the main wrapper functionWilly1+39-0
2016-08-30 20:34Add function to sync a master peer with a listWilly1+16-0
2016-08-30 20:33Check sync status amongst a peer listWilly1+23-0
2016-08-30 20:32Get the most recent file from a list of peersWilly1+19-0
2016-08-30 20:31Add function to get metadata from a peerWilly1+15-0
2016-08-30 20:26Pass peer list head to functionsWilly1+20-46
2016-08-27 15:24Rename 'node' to 'peer'Willy1+21-21
2016-08-27 15:24Add informations about functionnalitiesWilly1+50-0
2016-08-26 06:58Provide an insight of the algorithmWilly1+90-9
2016-08-26 06:25Clean peer list after processingWilly1+18-2
2016-08-25 07:23Get the list of peers from the command lineWilly1+54-35
2016-08-25 06:11Move comparison logic out of getpeerinfo()Willy1+16-12
2016-08-24 13:13Add SLIST for peers handlingWilly1+61-25
2016-08-24 06:45Create one thread per clientWilly2+26-16
2016-08-24 06:45Move sha512 functions to sha512.cWilly3+64-61
2016-08-23 16:17Use structure for TCP communicationsWilly1+41-30
2016-08-22 12:19Fucking shell globsWilly1+0-0
2016-08-22 12:18Put path,sha512 and timestamp in a buffer for sendingWilly1+7-3
2016-08-22 12:17Loop infinitely in server modeWilly1+7-5
2016-08-22 12:16Add function to format a sha512 hash as a base16 stringWilly1+21-2
2016-08-22 06:42Make client/server send sha512 digests for comparisonWilly1+28-18
2016-08-22 06:41Function to compare hashesWilly1+17-0
2016-08-22 06:24New function to generate a stream's hashWilly1+27-0
2016-08-19 18:35Fix up sha512 function for standalone useWilly2+47-3
2016-08-18 21:15Add sha512 functions from libtom.netWilly4+221-1
2016-08-17 06:39Code cleanup/refactoringWilly1+52-29
2016-08-16 18:37Factorize timestamps retrievalWilly1+13-4
2016-08-16 18:36Remove dependency to pthreadsWilly3+16-22
2016-08-16 12:02Move client/server part into a single programWilly3+116-139
2016-08-16 12:00synkd: move server part into a functionWilly1+19-25
2016-08-16 06:48Moving client/server part into functionsWilly2+60-42
2016-08-12 00:22Basic client/server returning timestampWilly6+305-0
2016-08-12 00:15First commit: basic ideaWilly1+35-0