simple editor extended using libtermbox
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2016-04-06 08:27Allow scrolling with hjklz3bra1+6-2
2016-04-04 20:04Implement cursor moves and basic scrollingdcat1+116-28
2016-04-03 22:57Add keybinds to move up/downdcat1+20-5
2016-04-03 22:54Cosmetic changesz3bra1+15-14
2015-11-25 00:52Add buffer display on screenz3bra1+82-16
2015-11-19 15:28use err()dcat1+3-4
2015-11-19 14:29Add tail queue to load the filez3bra1+33-8
2015-11-19 14:27Add a version numberz3bra2+6-2
2015-11-19 14:12Add 'clean' target to the makefilez3bra1+2-1
2015-11-19 14:12Disable termbox (temporary)z3bra1+2-3
2015-11-19 00:27no docs no cocksdcat2+66-0
2015-11-19 00:25firstdcat3+113-0
2015-11-15 15:49added filesdcat5+0-0