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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,44 @@ +scribo +====== +Email-based phlog generator. + +Upon receiving an email, a new log entry is created, and a gopher index +file generated from the list of files already present. + +All you need to create a new phlog entry, is to send an email ! + +scribo(1) is meant to be called by an SMTP daemon, preferably from an +aliases(5) file. The emails are then passed to the program on STDIN, +which will in turn write its output files (log entry + gopher index) +to a specific directory. + +The log entries are written in a file derived from the "Subject" and +timestamped at end of file, based on the "Date" header. + +Installation +------------ +Edit the `` file to match your setup, then run the following: + + $ make + # make install + +Usage +----- +Refer to the scribo(1) and aliases(5) manpage for details and examples. +The below commands are provided as a quick introduction. + +Add the following to you aliases(5) file: + + note@domain.tld |/usr/local/bin/scribo -b /var/gopher -o index.gph + +Only process email sent from a specific address: + + scribo -a author@domain.tld + +Pipe the body of your messages through a command before writing them: + + scribo -x "fmt -s -w 72" + +License +------- +ISC License. See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.