(orphaned) group manager using libcxb
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2015-10-20 17:10Recommend usage of wmutils insteadz3bra1+5-0
2014-12-28 17:47Fixed makefilez3bra1+2-9
2014-11-22 22:25Removed and fix some loggingz3bra1+3-5
2014-11-22 21:27fixed a bug where keypress wont work if no windows are shownz3bra1+0-10
2014-11-22 21:26removed regevnt() for the sake of modularityz3bra1+8-32
2014-11-22 19:51POSIX compliant Makefilez3bra1+2-2
2014-11-20 17:34Group 0 for new windows seems to be sanerz3bra1+1-1
2014-11-18 18:11Wrong macro names in config.hz3bra1+4-4
2014-11-17 18:35Change default group for new windowsz3bra3+40-26
2014-11-17 18:28Revert "removed 'grabkeys and regevnt' functions: need to fix things now"z3bra1+40-25
2014-11-17 12:47removed 'grabkeys and regevnt' functions: need to fix things nowz3bra1+25-40
2014-11-17 12:20Hide windows if sent to an empty/hidden groupz3bra1+6-2
2014-11-17 12:11Map all windows upon startupz3bra1+1-0
2014-11-17 00:17Fixed a few errorsz3bra2+7-5
2014-11-16 23:12Removed debug and added a way to show only one groupz3bra2+15-18
2014-11-16 22:54First commit: kinda worksz3bra5+715-0