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diff --git a/safe.1 b/safe.1 @@ -6,16 +6,73 @@ .Nd Digital safe for your secrets .Sh SYNOPSIS .Nm -.Op Fl h +.Op Fl hd +.Op Fl s Ar safe +.Op Fl a +.Ar secret .Sh DESCRIPTION .Nm stores secrets (files) encrypted on your disk, and lets you retrieve them, -given that you have the password. +given that you have the right password. +.El .Bl -tag -width Ds +.It Ar secret +Decrypt file +.Ar secret +from your safe to stdout. .It Fl h Print a quick usage text. -.El -.Sh SEE ALSO -.Xr openssl 1 , +.It Fl d +Start the safe agent (see AGENT). +.It Fl s Ar safe +Set the path to your safe as +.Ar safe . +(default: .secrets) +.It Fl a Ar secret +Encrypt stdin to your safe as +.Ar secret . +.Sh AGENT +The agent will prompt you for your password, and derivate the key from that. +Once the key is in memory, the agent will open a socket (see ENVIRONMENT), +and write the salt + key to whichever process connects to this socket. +This socket is created with mode 700 to prevent reading from other users. +.Sh MASTER PASSWORD +When you add your first secret to the safe, another +.Ar master +entry will be automatically created. This entry stores your master +password, and is used to check that your password is correctly typed +later. Do not try to delete it as it could corrupt your safe. +.Sh EXAMPLES +.Bd -literal +Store a secret in your safe + + $ safe -a secret/file < kitten.gif + +List all secrets in $STORE (choose your weapon) + + $ tree --noreport $STORE + $ find $STORE -type f + $ ls -R $STORE + $ tar -C $STORE -v -f /dev/null -c . | cut -d / -f 2- + +Retrieve a secret from your safe + + $ STORE=$HOME/.secrets + $ safe -s /mnt/safe passwords/email + +Automatically start the agent on login (add this to your .shellrc) + + safe -d > $HOME/.safe-agent + echo 'export SAFE_SOCK' >> $HOME/.safe-agent + . $HOME/.safe-agent + +.Sh ENVIRONMENT +.Bl -tag -width "SAFE_SOCK" +.It Ev SAFE_SOCK +If this variable is set, +.Nm +will try to read the key from this socket rather than derivating it +from your master password. This is useful if you don't want to type your +password for each encryption/decryption. .Sh AUTHORS -.An Willy Goiffon Aq Mt \ No newline at end of file +.An Willy Goiffon Aq Mt \ No newline at end of file