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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Store your secrets in an encrypted safe, protected by a password. ## usage - safe [-ad] [secret..] + safe [-ad] [-f socket] [secret..] # list all your deepest secrets find .secrets -type f @@ -47,11 +47,10 @@ decrypt it for you on stdout. When you first call Edgard, he will ask you for your master password, so he can decrypt the secrets for you. -The master password is used to derivate an encryption key, and then -zeroed in memory, to prevent anyone from retrieving it. -As this key is kept in memory to decrypt the file, using Edgard means -that an intruder could extract this key, and still decrypt your -secrets. If you're concerned about this, don't call Edgard. +As the password must be kept in memory to derivate the key, using +Edgard means that an intruder could extract this password from memory +and use it to decrypt secrets. If you're concerned about this, don't +call Edgard. ## license This software is licensed under the ISC license, see the LICENSE file provided.