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Specify max layers supported in layer keycodes

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diff --git a/docs/feature_advanced_keycodes.md b/docs/feature_advanced_keycodes.md @@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ These functions allow you to activate layers in various ways. Note that layers a * `DF(layer)` - switches the default layer. The default layer is the always-active base layer that other layers stack on top of. See below for more about the default layer. This might be used to switch from QWERTY to Dvorak layout. (Note that this is a temporary switch that only persists until the keyboard loses power. To modify the default layer in a persistent way requires deeper customization, such as calling the `set_single_persistent_default_layer` function inside of [process_record_user](custom_quantum_functions.md#programming-the-behavior-of-any-keycode).) * `MO(layer)` - momentarily activates *layer*. As soon as you let go of the key, the layer is deactivated. * `LM(layer, mod)` - Momentarily activates *layer* (like `MO`), but with modifier(s) *mod* active. Only supports layers 0-15 and the left modifiers. -* `LT(layer, kc)` - momentarily activates *layer* when held, and sends *kc* when tapped. -* `OSL(layer)` - momentarily activates *layer* until the next key is pressed. See [One Shot Keys.](#one-shot-keys) +* `LT(layer, kc)` - momentarily activates *layer* when held, and sends *kc* when tapped. Only supports layers 0-15. +* `OSL(layer)` - momentarily activates *layer* until the next key is pressed. See [One Shot Keys](#one-shot-keys) for details and additional functionality. * `TG(layer)` - toggles *layer*, activating it if it's inactive and vice versa * `TO(layer)` - activates *layer* and de-activates all other layers (except your default layer). This function is special, because instead of just adding/removing one layer to your active layer stack, it will completely replace your current active layers, uniquely allowing you to replace higher layers with a lower one. This is activated on keydown (as soon as the key is pressed). * `TT(layer)` - Layer Tap-Toggle. If you hold the key down, *layer* is activated, and then is de-activated when you let go (like `MO`). If you repeatedly tap it, the layer will be toggled on or off (like `TG`). It needs 5 taps by default, but you can change this by defining `TAPPING_TOGGLE` -- for example, `#define TAPPING_TOGGLE 2` to toggle on just two taps.