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diff --git a/docs/feature_rgblight.md b/docs/feature_rgblight.md @@ -96,9 +96,10 @@ if `RGBLIGHT_EFFECT_xxxx` or `RGBLIGHT_ANIMATIONS` is defined, you also have a n |`RGBLIGHT_MODE_RGB_TEST` | *None* |RGB Test | |`RGBLIGHT_MODE_ALTERNATING` | *None* |Alternating | - Check out [this video](https://youtube.com/watch?v=VKrpPAHlisY) for a demonstration. +Note: For versions older than 0.6.117, The mode numbers were written directly. In `quantum/rgblight.h` there is a contrast table between the old mode number and the current symbol. + The following options can be used to tweak the various animations: |Define |Default |Description |