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commit d9120412d3d81fc688a7e5346711cf716518dc34
parent 12a2572295ae4daa69299941c0fa491bd6e04669
Author: noroadsleft <18669334+noroadsleft@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Mon, 28 Jan 2019 15:24:34 -0800

Fix layouts for S7 Elephant in info.json (#4989)

The following layouts were being rendered with 6.75u Spacebars instead of 7u:

- LAYOUT_ansi_blocker_7u
- LAYOUT_ansi_blocker_7u_small_lshift
- LAYOUT_ansi_blocker_7u_small_bspc
- LAYOUT_ansi_blocker_7u_small_lshift_small_bspc
- LAYOUT_iso_blocker_7u

This commit corrects this issue.

Flagged by yanfali on QMK Discord.
keyboards/s7_elephant/info.json | 20++++++++++----------
1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/keyboards/s7_elephant/info.json b/keyboards/s7_elephant/info.json @@ -1322,8 +1322,8 @@ {"label":"Ctrl", "x":2, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Win", "x":3.5, "y":4}, {"label":"Alt", "x":4.5, "y":4, "w":1.5}, - {"x":6, "y":4, "w":6.75}, - {"label":"Fn", "x":12.75, "y":4, "w":1.5}, + {"label":"Space", "x":6, "y":4, "w":7}, + {"label":"Fn", "x":13, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Left", "x":15, "y":4}, {"label":"Down", "x":16, "y":4}, {"label":"Right", "x":17, "y":4} @@ -1399,8 +1399,8 @@ {"label":"Ctrl", "x":2, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Win", "x":3.5, "y":4}, {"label":"Alt", "x":4.5, "y":4, "w":1.5}, - {"x":6, "y":4, "w":6.75}, - {"label":"Fn", "x":12.75, "y":4, "w":1.5}, + {"label":"Space", "x":6, "y":4, "w":7}, + {"label":"Fn", "x":13, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Left", "x":15, "y":4}, {"label":"Down", "x":16, "y":4}, {"label":"Right", "x":17, "y":4} @@ -1476,8 +1476,8 @@ {"label":"Ctrl", "x":2, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Win", "x":3.5, "y":4}, {"label":"Alt", "x":4.5, "y":4, "w":1.5}, - {"x":6, "y":4, "w":6.75}, - {"label":"Fn", "x":12.75, "y":4, "w":1.5}, + {"label":"Space", "x":6, "y":4, "w":7}, + {"label":"Fn", "x":13, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Left", "x":15, "y":4}, {"label":"Down", "x":16, "y":4}, {"label":"Right", "x":17, "y":4} @@ -1554,8 +1554,8 @@ {"label":"Ctrl", "x":2, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Win", "x":3.5, "y":4}, {"label":"Alt", "x":4.5, "y":4, "w":1.5}, - {"x":6, "y":4, "w":6.75}, - {"label":"Fn", "x":12.75, "y":4, "w":1.5}, + {"label":"Space", "x":6, "y":4, "w":7}, + {"label":"Fn", "x":13, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Left", "x":15, "y":4}, {"label":"Down", "x":16, "y":4}, {"label":"Right", "x":17, "y":4} @@ -2337,8 +2337,8 @@ {"label":"Ctrl", "x":2, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Win", "x":3.5, "y":4}, {"label":"Alt", "x":4.5, "y":4, "w":1.5}, - {"x":6, "y":4, "w":6.75}, - {"label":"Fn", "x":12.75, "y":4, "w":1.5}, + {"label":"Space", "x":6, "y":4, "w":7}, + {"label":"Fn", "x":13, "y":4, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Left", "x":15, "y":4}, {"label":"Down", "x":16, "y":4}, {"label":"Right", "x":17, "y":4}