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commit 87faf55b012bb33265801e9fecae105a23c2d57e
parent f1612b7fa19995064ad107f447932a416dbfe09b
Author: lucwastiaux <luc.wastiaux@xsmail.com>
Date:   Fri, 14 Sep 2018 00:12:03 +0800

Keymap: Cleanups on the ergodox EZ / atreus dvorak 42 key layouts (#3887)

* add SCREEN_NAV layer for copy/pasting within screen

* working readreg/paste macros

* working read reg / paste macros

* write log and tran patterns, and expand

* add ls -la shortcut, add tab on combined layer

* put delete word on the right pinky key on shell_nav layer

* add TAB on the right side, add reset key

* added Cloud9 macros

* add cloud9 shortcuts to atreus layout

* added BROWSER_CONTROL layer

* finalized browser control layer

* adding comment

* add browser control layer to atreus

* add flashing command line

* remove the tab on combined layer

* remove the tomouse

* remove mouse layer, change log/tran expand patterns, cleanups

* add dumptlog macro

* add "delete to home" shortcut

* fix conflict

* remove unneeded mouse layer

* add meh shortcuts on the browser_control layer

* add/modify some macros

* explain the various layers

* putty paste is right mouse button

keyboards/ergodox_ez/keymaps/dvorak_42_key/keymap.c | 2+-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/keyboards/ergodox_ez/keymaps/dvorak_42_key/keymap.c b/keyboards/ergodox_ez/keymaps/dvorak_42_key/keymap.c @@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ const uint16_t PROGMEM keymaps[][MATRIX_ROWS][MATRIX_COLS] = { KC_TRNS, KC_TRNS, KC_TRNS, KC_TRNS, KC_TRNS, KC_TRNS, SHELL_EXPAND_OE_TRANPATTERN, RCTL(KC_L), RCTL(KC_W), KC_HOME, KC_UP, KC_END, KC_TRNS, SHELL_EXPAND_OE_LOGPATTERN, LALT(KC_B), KC_LEFT, KC_DOWN, KC_RIGHT, LALT(KC_F), RCTL(KC_W), - RCTL(KC_C), RCTL(KC_U), LALT(KC_DOT), RCTL(KC_R), MEH(KC_V), RCTL(KC_K), SHELL_DUMPTLOG, + RCTL(KC_C), RCTL(KC_U), LALT(KC_DOT), RCTL(KC_R), KC_BTN2, RCTL(KC_K), SHELL_DUMPTLOG, // bottom row (match functionality of base layer) KC_BSPC, RCTL(KC_W), KC_DELETE, LALT(KC_D), RCTL(KC_U), // thumb cluster