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commit 810c8db7706f40f0436555fdffbaf849dc0a5641
parent 5f0ab5a24b4ec9ea01a5fd95bda9315ac6e96142
Author: Danny <nooges@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Thu, 20 Jun 2019 01:02:20 -0400

Set default I2C clock speed to 100kHz for split_common (#6161)

* Set default I2C clock rate for split_common boards to 100kHz

Default from I2C driver is 400kHz.

* Update documentation for setting I2C clock speed

docs/config_options.md | 4++--
quantum/split_common/post_config.h | 4++++
2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/config_options.md b/docs/config_options.md @@ -93,8 +93,8 @@ This is a C header file that is one of the first things included, and will persi * key combination that allows the use of magic commands (useful for debugging) * `#define USB_MAX_POWER_CONSUMPTION` * sets the maximum power (in mA) over USB for the device (default: 500) -* `#define SCL_CLOCK 100000L` - * sets the SCL_CLOCK speed for split keyboards. The default is `100000L` but some boards can be set to `400000L`. +* `#define F_SCL 100000L` + * sets the I2C clock rate speed for keyboards using I2C. The default is `400000L`, except for keyboards using `split_common`, where the default is `100000L`. ## Features That Can Be Disabled diff --git a/quantum/split_common/post_config.h b/quantum/split_common/post_config.h @@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ #define RGBLIGHT_SPLIT #endif + #ifndef F_SCL + #define F_SCL 100000UL // SCL frequency + #endif + #else // use serial // When using serial, the user must define RGBLIGHT_SPLIT explicitly // in config.h as needed.