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[Docs] Fix SFT_T in examples in advanced features page (#6223)

[docs] fix typo
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diff --git a/docs/feature_advanced_keycodes.md b/docs/feature_advanced_keycodes.md @@ -256,10 +256,10 @@ If you press a Mod Tap key, tap another key (press and release) and then release For Instance: -- `SHFT_T(KC_A)` Down +- `SFT_T(KC_A)` Down - `KC_X` Down - `KC_X` Up -- `SHFT_T(KC_A)` Up +- `SFT_T(KC_A)` Up Normally, if you do all this within the `TAPPING_TERM` (default: 200ms) this will be registered as `ax` by the firmware and host system. With permissive hold enabled, this modifies how this is handled by considering the Mod Tap keys as a Mod if another key is tapped, and would registered as `X` (`SHIFT`+`x`). @@ -279,9 +279,9 @@ Setting `Ignore Mod Tap Interrupt` requires holding both keys for the `TAPPING_ For Instance: -- `SHFT_T(KC_A)` Down +- `SFT_T(KC_A)` Down - `KC_X` Down -- `SHFT_T(KC_A)` Up +- `SFT_T(KC_A)` Up - `KC_X` Up Normally, this would send `X` (`SHIFT`+`x`). With `Ignore Mod Tap Interrupt` enabled, holding both keys are required for the `TAPPING_TERM` to register the hold action. A quick tap will output `ax` in this case, while a hold on both will still output `X` (`SHIFT`+`x`). @@ -303,11 +303,11 @@ When the user holds a key after tap, this repeats the tapped key rather to hold Example: -- SHFT_T(KC_A) Down -- SHFT_T(KC_A) Up -- SHFT_T(KC_A) Down +- SFT_T(KC_A) Down +- SFT_T(KC_A) Up +- SFT_T(KC_A) Down - wait more than tapping term... -- SHFT_T(KC_A) Up +- SFT_T(KC_A) Up With default settings, `a` will be sent on the first release, then `a` will be sent on the second press allowing the computer to trigger its auto repeat function.