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Add links to EEPROM files

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diff --git a/keyboards/orthodox/readme.md b/keyboards/orthodox/readme.md @@ -125,13 +125,12 @@ EEPROM for the left and right halves. The EEPROM is used to store whether the half is left handed or right handed. This makes it so that the same firmware -file will run on both hands instead of having to flash left and right handed +file will run on both hands instead of having to flash [left](../lets_split/eeprom-lefthand.eep) and [right](../lets_split/eeprom-righthand.eep) handed versions of the firmware to each half. To flash the EEPROM file for the left half run: ``` avrdude -p atmega32u4 -P $(COM_PORT) -c avr109 -U eeprom:w:eeprom-lefthand.eep // or the equivalent in dfu-programmer - ``` and similarly for right half ```