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commit 6cf9402cbc8156dd7c0892822ba949a1a1d8a4ba
parent 76aa2baf3ea169b976c4cef7013b2020d93a69c3
Author: Drashna Jaelre <drashna@live.com>
Date:   Tue, 16 Oct 2018 11:14:52 -0700

Fix LAYOUT define generation (#4148)

* Fix LAYOUT define generation

Prior to this, only the full keyboard path was defined.  Eg `KEYBOARD_planck_rev6`.
But the docs mention `KEYBOAD_planck`, which never actually gets defined.

This addresses this, and creates a define for each level of the keyboard folder, so that stuff like `KEYBOARD_planck` actually exists.

* Clean up changes to make it more readable

build_keyboard.mk | 22+++++++++++++++++++++-
1 file changed, 21 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/build_keyboard.mk b/build_keyboard.mk @@ -110,8 +110,28 @@ ifneq ("$(wildcard $(KEYBOARD_C_1))","") KEYBOARD_SRC += $(KEYBOARD_C_1) endif -OPT_DEFS += -DKEYBOARD_$(KEYBOARD_FILESAFE) +# Generate KEYBOARD_name_subname for all levels of the keyboard folder +KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_1 := $(subst .,,$(subst /,_,$(KEYBOARD_FOLDER_PATH_1))) +KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_2 := $(subst .,,$(subst /,_,$(KEYBOARD_FOLDER_PATH_2))) +KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_3 := $(subst .,,$(subst /,_,$(KEYBOARD_FOLDER_PATH_3))) +KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_4 := $(subst .,,$(subst /,_,$(KEYBOARD_FOLDER_PATH_4))) +KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_5 := $(subst .,,$(subst /,_,$(KEYBOARD_FOLDER_PATH_5))) +ifneq ("$(wildcard $(KEYBOARD_PATH_5)/)","") + OPT_DEFS += -DKEYBOARD_$(KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_5) +endif +ifneq ("$(wildcard $(KEYBOARD_PATH_4)/)","") + OPT_DEFS += -DKEYBOARD_$(KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_4) +endif +ifneq ("$(wildcard $(KEYBOARD_PATH_3)/)","") + OPT_DEFS += -DKEYBOARD_$(KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_3) +endif +ifneq ("$(wildcard $(KEYBOARD_PATH_2)/)","") + OPT_DEFS += -DKEYBOARD_$(KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_2) +endif +ifneq ("$(wildcard $(KEYBOARD_PATH_1)/)","") + OPT_DEFS += -DKEYBOARD_$(KEYBOARD_FILESAFE_1) +endif # Setup the define for QMK_KEYBOARD_H. This is used inside of keymaps so # that the same keymap may be used on multiple keyboards.