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commit 642bf00bafefdda243e98c1f04202fcfc5aba88e
parent 510510e9db23a1bdfdc97920c0e442a5ec516349
Author: MechMerlin <30334081+mechmerlin@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Thu, 26 Apr 2018 20:31:05 -0700

FC660C Configurator Support (#2817)


* Add info.json for configurator support

keyboards/fc660c/fc660c.h | 2+-
keyboards/fc660c/info.json | 13+++++++++++++
keyboards/fc660c/keymaps/default/keymap.c | 6+++---
3 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/keyboards/fc660c/fc660c.h b/keyboards/fc660c/fc660c.h @@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. #include "quantum.h" -#define KEYMAP( \ +#define LAYOUT( \ K13, K10, K11, K12, K14, K16, K17, K15, K1B, K18, K19, K1A, K1C, K1E, K1F, \ K03, K00, K01, K02, K04, K06, K07, K05, K0B, K08, K09, K0A, K0C, K0E, K0F, \ K43, K40, K41, K42, K44, K46, K47, K45, K4B, K48, K49, K4A, K4E, \ diff --git a/keyboards/fc660c/info.json b/keyboards/fc660c/info.json @@ -0,0 +1,12 @@ +{ + "keyboard_name": "fc660c", + "url": "", + "maintainer": "qmk", + "width": 16.5, + "height": 5, + "layouts": { + "LAYOUT": { + "layout": [{"label":"~", "x":0, "y":0}, {"label":"!", "x":1, "y":0}, {"label":"@", "x":2, "y":0}, {"label":"#", "x":3, "y":0}, {"label":"$", "x":4, "y":0}, {"label":"%", "x":5, "y":0}, {"label":"^", "x":6, "y":0}, {"label":"&", "x":7, "y":0}, {"label":"*", "x":8, "y":0}, {"label":"(", "x":9, "y":0}, {"label":")", "x":10, "y":0}, {"label":"_", "x":11, "y":0}, {"label":"+", "x":12, "y":0}, {"label":"Backspace", "x":13, "y":0, "w":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":0}, {"label":"Tab", "x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Q", "x":1.5, "y":1}, {"label":"W", "x":2.5, "y":1}, {"label":"E", "x":3.5, "y":1}, {"label":"R", "x":4.5, "y":1}, {"label":"T", "x":5.5, "y":1}, {"label":"Y", "x":6.5, "y":1}, {"label":"U", "x":7.5, "y":1}, {"label":"I", "x":8.5, "y":1}, {"label":"O", "x":9.5, "y":1}, {"label":"P", "x":10.5, "y":1}, {"label":"{", "x":11.5, "y":1}, {"label":"}", "x":12.5, "y":1}, {"label":"|", "x":13.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":15.5, "y":1}, {"label":"Caps Lock", "x":0, "y":2, "w":1.75}, {"label":"A", "x":1.75, "y":2}, {"label":"S", "x":2.75, "y":2}, {"label":"D", "x":3.75, "y":2}, {"label":"F", "x":4.75, "y":2}, {"label":"G", "x":5.75, "y":2}, {"label":"H", "x":6.75, "y":2}, {"label":"J", "x":7.75, "y":2}, {"label":"K", "x":8.75, "y":2}, {"label":"L", "x":9.75, "y":2}, {"label":":", "x":10.75, "y":2}, {"label":"\"", "x":11.75, "y":2}, {"label":"Enter", "x":12.75, "y":2, "w":2.25}, {"label":"Shift", "x":0, "y":3, "w":2.25}, {"label":"Z", "x":2.25, "y":3}, {"label":"X", "x":3.25, "y":3}, {"label":"C", "x":4.25, "y":3}, {"label":"V", "x":5.25, "y":3}, {"label":"B", "x":6.25, "y":3}, {"label":"N", "x":7.25, "y":3}, {"label":"M", "x":8.25, "y":3}, {"label":"<", "x":9.25, "y":3}, {"label":">", "x":10.25, "y":3}, {"label":"?", "x":11.25, "y":3}, {"label":"Shift", "x":12.25, "y":3, "w":2.25}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"label":"Ctrl", "x":0, "y":4, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Win", "x":1.25, "y":4, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Alt", "x":2.5, "y":4, "w":1.25}, {"x":3.75, "y":4, "w":6}, {"label":"Alt", "x":9.75, "y":4, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Win", "x":11, "y":4, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Menu", "x":12.25, "y":4, "w":1.25}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}] + } + } +}+ \ No newline at end of file diff --git a/keyboards/fc660c/keymaps/default/keymap.c b/keyboards/fc660c/keymaps/default/keymap.c @@ -14,17 +14,17 @@ GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ -#include "fc660c.h" +#include QMK_KEYBOARD_H const uint16_t PROGMEM keymaps[][MATRIX_ROWS][MATRIX_COLS] = { - [0] = KEYMAP( + [0] = LAYOUT( KC_ESC, KC_1, KC_2, KC_3, KC_4, KC_5, KC_6, KC_7, KC_8, KC_9, KC_0, KC_MINS,KC_EQL, KC_BSPC, KC_INS, KC_TAB, KC_Q, KC_W, KC_E, KC_R, KC_T, KC_Y, KC_U, KC_I, KC_O, KC_P, KC_LBRC,KC_RBRC,KC_BSLS, KC_DEL, KC_CAPS,KC_A, KC_S, KC_D, KC_F, KC_G, KC_H, KC_J, KC_K, KC_L, KC_SCLN,KC_QUOT, KC_ENT, KC_LSFT,KC_Z, KC_X, KC_C, KC_V, KC_B, KC_N, KC_M, KC_COMM,KC_DOT, KC_SLSH,KC_RSFT, KC_UP, KC_LCTL,KC_LGUI,KC_LALT, KC_SPC, KC_RALT,KC_RCTL,MO(1), KC_LEFT,KC_DOWN,KC_RGHT ), - [1] = KEYMAP( + [1] = LAYOUT( KC_GRV, KC_F1, KC_F2, KC_F3, KC_F4, KC_F5, KC_F6, KC_F7, KC_F8, KC_F9, KC_F10, KC_F11, KC_F12, _______, _______, _______,_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,KC_PSCR,KC_SLCK,KC_PAUS,_______,_______,_______, _______, _______,_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,_______,KC_HOME,KC_PGUP,_______,_______, _______,