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Date:   Fri, 14 Dec 2018 07:36:38 -0800

Remove userspace info from Quad-Function Tap Dance example (#4631)

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diff --git a/docs/feature_tap_dance.md b/docs/feature_tap_dance.md @@ -185,29 +185,11 @@ Below is a specific example: ## Setup -You will need a few things that can be used for 'Quad Function Tap-Dance'. The suggested setup is to create a user directory for yourself. This directory will contain rules.mk `<your_name>.c` and `<your_name>.h`. This directory should be called `<your_name>`, and located in the top level `users` directory. There should already be a few examples to look at there. +You will need a few things that can be used for 'Quad Function Tap-Dance'. -### In `/qmk_firmware/users/<your_name>/rules.mk` +You'll need to add these to the top of your `keymap.c` file, before your keymap. -Put the following: ```c -TAP_DANCE_ENABLE = yes -SRC += your_name.c -``` - -Pretty simple. It is a nice way to keep some rules common on all your keymaps. - - -### In `/qmk_firmware/users/<your_name>/<your_name>.h` - -You will need a few things in this file: - -```c -#pragma once - -#include "quantum.h" -#include "process_keycode/process_tap_dance.h" - typedef struct { bool is_press_action; int state; @@ -234,18 +216,12 @@ int cur_dance (qk_tap_dance_state_t *state); //for the x tap dance. Put it here so it can be used in any keymap void x_finished (qk_tap_dance_state_t *state, void *user_data); void x_reset (qk_tap_dance_state_t *state, void *user_data); -``` -### In `/qmk_firmware/users/<your_name>/<your_name>.c` +``` -And then in your user's `.c` file you implement the functions above: +Now, at the bottom of your `keymap.c` file, you'll need to add the following: ```c -#include "<your_name>.h" -#include "quantum.h" -#include "action.h" -#include "process_keycode/process_tap_dance.h" - /* Return an integer that corresponds to what kind of tap dance should be executed. * * How to figure out tap dance state: interrupted and pressed. @@ -335,4 +311,6 @@ qk_tap_dance_action_t tap_dance_actions[] = { }; ``` -And then simply use `TD(X_CTL)` anywhere in your keymap after including `<your_name>.h`. +And then simply use `TD(X_CTL)` anywhere in your keymap. + +If you want to implement this in your userspace, then you may want to check out how [DanielGGordon](https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/tree/master/users/gordon) has implemented this in their userspace.