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commit 63b1946bfe0c66482b63ce78ff18f6be4e147bdf
parent 780ff68674fddc82437b593e924532d153d516ce
Author: MechMerlin <30334081+mechmerlin@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Tue, 20 Mar 2018 20:01:03 -0700

Configurator support for minivan (tv44) (#2573)

Support all 4 layouts supported by the tv44 pcb.
keyboards/tv44/info.json | 28++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 28 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/keyboards/tv44/info.json b/keyboards/tv44/info.json @@ -0,0 +1,28 @@ +{ + "keyboard_name": "tv44", + "manufacturer": "The Van Keyboards", + "identifier": "", + "url": "", + "maintainer": "qmk", + "processor": "atmega32u4", + "bootloader": "atmel-dfu", + "width": 12.75, + "height": 4, + "layouts": { + "KEYMAP": { + "layout": [{"label":"Tab", "x":0, "y":0}, {"label":"Q", "x":1, "y":0}, {"label":"W", "x":2, "y":0}, {"label":"E", "x":3, "y":0}, {"label":"R", "x":4, "y":0}, {"label":"T", "x":5, "y":0}, {"label":"Y", "x":6, "y":0}, {"label":"U", "x":7, "y":0}, {"label":"I", "x":8, "y":0}, {"label":"O", "x":9, "y":0}, {"label":"P", "x":10, "y":0}, {"label":"|", "x":11, "y":0, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Caps Lock", "x":0, "y":1, "w":1.25}, {"label":"A", "x":1.25, "y":1}, {"label":"S", "x":2.25, "y":1}, {"label":"D", "x":3.25, "y":1}, {"label":"F", "x":4.25, "y":1}, {"label":"G", "x":5.25, "y":1}, {"label":"H", "x":6.25, "y":1}, {"label":"J", "x":7.25, "y":1}, {"label":"K", "x":8.25, "y":1}, {"label":"L", "x":9.25, "y":1}, {"label":":", "x":10.25, "y":1}, {"label":"\"", "x":11.25, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Shift", "x":0, "y":2, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Z", "x":1.75, "y":2}, {"label":"X", "x":2.75, "y":2}, {"label":"C", "x":3.75, "y":2}, {"label":"V", "x":4.75, "y":2}, {"label":"B", "x":5.75, "y":2}, {"label":"N", "x":6.75, "y":2}, {"label":"M", "x":7.75, "y":2}, {"label":"<", "x":8.75, "y":2}, {"label":">", "x":9.75, "y":2}, {"label":"?", "x":10.75, "y":2}, {"x":11.75, "y":2}, {"label":"Ctrl", "x":0, "y":3, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Win", "x":1.25, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Alt", "x":2.75, "y":3, "w":1.25}, {"x":4, "y":3, "w":2.25}, {"x":6.25, "y":3, "w":2}, {"label":"Alt", "x":8.25, "y":3, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Win", "x":9.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Menu", "x":11, "y":3, "w":1.75}] + }, + + "KEYMAP_ARROW": { + "layout": [{"label":"Tab", "x":0, "y":0}, {"label":"Q", "x":1, "y":0}, {"label":"W", "x":2, "y":0}, {"label":"E", "x":3, "y":0}, {"label":"R", "x":4, "y":0}, {"label":"T", "x":5, "y":0}, {"label":"Y", "x":6, "y":0}, {"label":"U", "x":7, "y":0}, {"label":"I", "x":8, "y":0}, {"label":"O", "x":9, "y":0}, {"label":"P", "x":10, "y":0}, {"label":"|", "x":11, "y":0, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Caps Lock", "x":0, "y":1, "w":1.25}, {"label":"A", "x":1.25, "y":1}, {"label":"S", "x":2.25, "y":1}, {"label":"D", "x":3.25, "y":1}, {"label":"F", "x":4.25, "y":1}, {"label":"G", "x":5.25, "y":1}, {"label":"H", "x":6.25, "y":1}, {"label":"J", "x":7.25, "y":1}, {"label":"K", "x":8.25, "y":1}, {"label":"L", "x":9.25, "y":1}, {"label":":", "x":10.25, "y":1}, {"label":"\"", "x":11.25, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Shift", "x":0, "y":2, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Z", "x":1.75, "y":2}, {"label":"X", "x":2.75, "y":2}, {"label":"C", "x":3.75, "y":2}, {"label":"V", "x":4.75, "y":2}, {"label":"B", "x":5.75, "y":2}, {"label":"N", "x":6.75, "y":2}, {"label":"M", "x":7.75, "y":2}, {"label":"<", "x":8.75, "y":2}, {"label":">", "x":9.75, "y":2}, {"label":"?", "x":10.75, "y":2}, {"x":11.75, "y":2}, {"label":"Ctrl", "x":0, "y":3, "w":1.25}, {"label":"Win", "x":1.25, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Alt", "x":2.75, "y":3, "w":1.25}, {"x":4, "y":3, "w":2.25}, {"x":6.25, "y":3, "w":2}, {"x":8.25, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Alt", "x":9.75, "y":3}, {"label":"Win", "x":10.75, "y":3}, {"label":"Menu", "x":11.75, "y":3}] + }, + + "KEYMAP_COMMAND": { + "layout": [{"label":"Tab", "x":0, "y":0}, {"label":"Q", "x":1, "y":0}, {"label":"W", "x":2, "y":0}, {"label":"E", "x":3, "y":0}, {"label":"R", "x":4, "y":0}, {"label":"T", "x":5, "y":0}, {"label":"Y", "x":6, "y":0}, {"label":"U", "x":7, "y":0}, {"label":"I", "x":8, "y":0}, {"label":"O", "x":9, "y":0}, {"label":"P", "x":10, "y":0}, {"label":"|", "x":11, "y":0, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Caps Lock", "x":0, "y":1, "w":1.25}, {"label":"A", "x":1.25, "y":1}, {"label":"S", "x":2.25, "y":1}, {"label":"D", "x":3.25, "y":1}, {"label":"F", "x":4.25, "y":1}, {"label":"G", "x":5.25, "y":1}, {"label":"H", "x":6.25, "y":1}, {"label":"J", "x":7.25, "y":1}, {"label":"K", "x":8.25, "y":1}, {"label":"L", "x":9.25, "y":1}, {"label":":", "x":10.25, "y":1}, {"label":"\"", "x":11.25, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Shift", "x":0, "y":2, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Z", "x":1.75, "y":2}, {"label":"X", "x":2.75, "y":2}, {"label":"C", "x":3.75, "y":2}, {"label":"V", "x":4.75, "y":2}, {"label":"B", "x":5.75, "y":2}, {"label":"N", "x":6.75, "y":2}, {"label":"M", "x":7.75, "y":2}, {"label":"<", "x":8.75, "y":2}, {"label":">", "x":9.75, "y":2}, {"label":"?", "x":10.75, "y":2}, {"x":11.75, "y":2}, {"label":"Ctrl", "x":0, "y":3}, {"label":"Win", "x":1, "y":3}, {"label":"Alt", "x":2, "y":3}, {"x":3, "y":3}, {"x":4, "y":3, "w":2.25}, {"x":6.25, "y":3, "w":2}, {"x":8.25, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Alt", "x":9.75, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Win", "x":11.25, "y":3, "w":1.5}] + }, + + "KEYMAP_ARROW_COMMAND": { + "layout": [{"label":"Tab", "x":0, "y":0}, {"label":"Q", "x":1, "y":0}, {"label":"W", "x":2, "y":0}, {"label":"E", "x":3, "y":0}, {"label":"R", "x":4, "y":0}, {"label":"T", "x":5, "y":0}, {"label":"Y", "x":6, "y":0}, {"label":"U", "x":7, "y":0}, {"label":"I", "x":8, "y":0}, {"label":"O", "x":9, "y":0}, {"label":"P", "x":10, "y":0}, {"label":"|", "x":11, "y":0, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Caps Lock", "x":0, "y":1, "w":1.25}, {"label":"A", "x":1.25, "y":1}, {"label":"S", "x":2.25, "y":1}, {"label":"D", "x":3.25, "y":1}, {"label":"F", "x":4.25, "y":1}, {"label":"G", "x":5.25, "y":1}, {"label":"H", "x":6.25, "y":1}, {"label":"J", "x":7.25, "y":1}, {"label":"K", "x":8.25, "y":1}, {"label":"L", "x":9.25, "y":1}, {"label":":", "x":10.25, "y":1}, {"label":"\"", "x":11.25, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Shift", "x":0, "y":2, "w":1.75}, {"label":"Z", "x":1.75, "y":2}, {"label":"X", "x":2.75, "y":2}, {"label":"C", "x":3.75, "y":2}, {"label":"V", "x":4.75, "y":2}, {"label":"B", "x":5.75, "y":2}, {"label":"N", "x":6.75, "y":2}, {"label":"M", "x":7.75, "y":2}, {"label":"<", "x":8.75, "y":2}, {"label":">", "x":9.75, "y":2}, {"label":"?", "x":10.75, "y":2}, {"x":11.75, "y":2}, {"label":"Ctrl", "x":0, "y":3}, {"label":"Win", "x":1, "y":3}, {"label":"Alt", "x":2, "y":3}, {"x":3, "y":3}, {"x":4, "y":3, "w":2.25}, {"x":6.25, "y":3, "w":2}, {"x":8.25, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Alt", "x":9.75, "y":3}, {"label":"Win", "x":10.75, "y":3}, {"label":"Menu", "x":11.75, "y":3}] + } + } +}