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commit 4dc89d974b5faa6c39281f07f901877541ca8b12
parent 8e0040e01aeebc2698e3e18646de9faf8bd2253b
Author: Drashna Jaelre <drashna@live.com>
Date:   Sun, 20 May 2018 21:34:18 -0700

Fix Ergodox EZ Info.json files (#2979)

* Fix Ergodox EZ Info.json files

* Ugh, column stagger!

* Whoops, added offset to wrong axis

* Add changes to Ergodone and Ergodox Infinity

keyboards/ergodone/info.json | 53+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
keyboards/ergodox_ez/info.json | 94++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
keyboards/ergodox_infinity/info.json | 53+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
3 files changed, 182 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/keyboards/ergodone/info.json b/keyboards/ergodone/info.json @@ -5,11 +5,52 @@ "height": 9.375, "layouts": { - "LAYOUT_ergodox": { - "layout": [{"x":0, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0}, {"x":2.5, "y":0}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0}, {"x":5.5, "y":0}, {"x":6.5, "y":0}, {"x":9.5, "y":0}, {"x":10.5, "y":0}, {"x":11.5, "y":0}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0}, {"x":14.5, "y":0}, {"x":15.5, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1}, {"x":2.5, "y":1}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1}, {"x":5.5, "y":1}, {"x":6.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1}, {"x":11.5, "y":1}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1}, {"x":14.5, "y":1}, {"x":15.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2}, {"x":2.5, "y":2}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2}, {"x":5.5, "y":2}, {"x":10.5, "y":2}, {"x":11.5, "y":2}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2}, {"x":14.5, "y":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3}, {"x":2.5, "y":3}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3}, {"x":5.5, "y":3}, {"x":10.5, "y":3}, {"x":11.5, "y":3}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"x":15.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":0.5, "y":4}, {"x":1.5, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4}, {"x":11.5, "y":4}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}, {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}] - }, - "LAYOUT_ergodox_pretty": { - "layout": [{"x":0, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0}, {"x":2.5, "y":0}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0}, {"x":5.5, "y":0}, {"x":6.5, "y":0}, {"x":9.5, "y":0}, {"x":10.5, "y":0}, {"x":11.5, "y":0}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0}, {"x":14.5, "y":0}, {"x":15.5, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1}, {"x":2.5, "y":1}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1}, {"x":5.5, "y":1}, {"x":6.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1}, {"x":11.5, "y":1}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1}, {"x":14.5, "y":1}, {"x":15.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2}, {"x":2.5, "y":2}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2}, {"x":5.5, "y":2}, {"x":10.5, "y":2}, {"x":11.5, "y":2}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2}, {"x":14.5, "y":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3}, {"x":2.5, "y":3}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3}, {"x":5.5, "y":3}, {"x":10.5, "y":3}, {"x":11.5, "y":3}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"x":15.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":0.5, "y":4}, {"x":1.5, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4}, {"x":11.5, "y":4}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}, {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}] - } + "LAYOUT_ergodox": { + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, + {"x":7, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, + + + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + + {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":9, "y":6}, + {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2} + ] + }, + "LAYOUT_ergodox_pretty": { + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2} + ] } + } } diff --git a/keyboards/ergodox_ez/info.json b/keyboards/ergodox_ez/info.json @@ -7,16 +7,98 @@ "layouts": { "LAYOUT_ergodox": { - "layout": [{"x":0, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0}, {"x":2.5, "y":0}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0}, {"x":5.5, "y":0}, {"x":6.5, "y":0}, {"x":9.5, "y":0}, {"x":10.5, "y":0}, {"x":11.5, "y":0}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0}, {"x":14.5, "y":0}, {"x":15.5, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1}, {"x":2.5, "y":1}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1}, {"x":5.5, "y":1}, {"x":6.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1}, {"x":11.5, "y":1}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1}, {"x":14.5, "y":1}, {"x":15.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2}, {"x":2.5, "y":2}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2}, {"x":5.5, "y":2}, {"x":10.5, "y":2}, {"x":11.5, "y":2}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2}, {"x":14.5, "y":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3}, {"x":2.5, "y":3}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3}, {"x":5.5, "y":3}, {"x":10.5, "y":3}, {"x":11.5, "y":3}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"x":15.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":0.5, "y":4}, {"x":1.5, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4}, {"x":11.5, "y":4}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}, {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}] + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, + {"x":7, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, + + + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + + {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":9, "y":6}, + {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2} + ] }, "LAYOUT_ergodox_pretty": { - "layout": [{"x":0, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0}, {"x":2.5, "y":0}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0}, {"x":5.5, "y":0}, {"x":6.5, "y":0}, {"x":9.5, "y":0}, {"x":10.5, "y":0}, {"x":11.5, "y":0}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0}, {"x":14.5, "y":0}, {"x":15.5, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1}, {"x":2.5, "y":1}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1}, {"x":5.5, "y":1}, {"x":6.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1}, {"x":11.5, "y":1}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1}, {"x":14.5, "y":1}, {"x":15.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2}, {"x":2.5, "y":2}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2}, {"x":5.5, "y":2}, {"x":10.5, "y":2}, {"x":11.5, "y":2}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2}, {"x":14.5, "y":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3}, {"x":2.5, "y":3}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3}, {"x":5.5, "y":3}, {"x":10.5, "y":3}, {"x":11.5, "y":3}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"x":15.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":0.5, "y":4}, {"x":1.5, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4}, {"x":11.5, "y":4}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}, {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}] + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2} + ] }, "LAYOUT_ergodox_80": { - "layout": [{"x":0, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0}, {"x":2.5, "y":0}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0}, {"x":5.5, "y":0}, {"x":6.5, "y":0}, {"x":9.5, "y":0}, {"x":10.5, "y":0}, {"x":11.5, "y":0}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0}, {"x":14.5, "y":0}, {"x":15.5, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1}, {"x":2.5, "y":1}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1}, {"x":5.5, "y":1}, {"x":6.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1}, {"x":11.5, "y":1}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1}, {"x":14.5, "y":1}, {"x":15.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2}, {"x":2.5, "y":2}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2}, {"x":5.5, "y":2}, {"x":10.5, "y":2}, {"x":11.5, "y":2}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2}, {"x":14.5, "y":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3}, {"x":2.5, "y":3}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3}, {"x":5.5, "y":3}, {"x":10.5, "y":3}, {"x":11.5, "y":3}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"x":15.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":0.5, "y":4}, {"x":1.5, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4}, {"x":11.5, "y":4}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}, {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, {"x":5, "y":6}, {"x":6, "y":6}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6}, {"x":11, "y":6}, {"x":5, "y":7}, {"x":6, "y":7}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":7}, {"x":11, "y":7}] - }, + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, + {"x":5, "y":6}, {"x":6, "y":6}, {"x":7, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":7}, {"x":6, "y":7}, {"x":7, "y":7}, + + + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + + {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6}, {"x":11, "y":6}, + {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":7}, {"x":11, "y":7} + ] + }, "LAYOUT_ergodox_pretty_80": { - "layout": [{"x":0, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0}, {"x":2.5, "y":0}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0}, {"x":5.5, "y":0}, {"x":6.5, "y":0}, {"x":9.5, "y":0}, {"x":10.5, "y":0}, {"x":11.5, "y":0}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0}, {"x":14.5, "y":0}, {"x":15.5, "y":0, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1}, {"x":2.5, "y":1}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1}, {"x":5.5, "y":1}, {"x":6.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":1, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1}, {"x":11.5, "y":1}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1}, {"x":14.5, "y":1}, {"x":15.5, "y":1, "w":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2}, {"x":2.5, "y":2}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2}, {"x":5.5, "y":2}, {"x":10.5, "y":2}, {"x":11.5, "y":2}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2}, {"x":14.5, "y":2}, {"x":15.5, "y":2, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":9.5, "y":2.5, "h":1.5}, {"x":0, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3}, {"x":2.5, "y":3}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3}, {"x":5.5, "y":3}, {"x":10.5, "y":3}, {"x":11.5, "y":3}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3}, {"x":14.5, "y":3}, {"x":15.5, "y":3, "w":1.5}, {"x":0.5, "y":4}, {"x":1.5, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4}, {"x":11.5, "y":4}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4}, {"x":14.5, "y":4}, {"x":15.5, "y":4}, {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, {"x":5, "y":6}, {"x":6, "y":6}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6}, {"x":11, "y":6}, {"x":5, "y":7}, {"x":6, "y":7}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":7}, {"x":11, "y":7}] - } + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":5, "y":6}, {"x":6, "y":6}, {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, {"x":10, "y":6}, {"x":11, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":7}, {"x":6, "y":7}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":7}, {"x":11, "y":7} + ] + } } } diff --git a/keyboards/ergodox_infinity/info.json b/keyboards/ergodox_infinity/info.json @@ -3,11 +3,52 @@ "width": 19.5, "height": 9.375, "layouts": { - "LAYOUT_ergodox": { - "layout": [{"label":"#", "x":3.5, "y":0}, {"label":"*", "x":15, "y":0}, {"label":"@", "x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"label":"$", "x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"label":"&", "x":14, "y":0.125}, {"label":"(", "x":16, "y":0.125}, {"label":"%", "x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":12, "y":0.25}, {"label":"^", "x":13, "y":0.25}, {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"!", "x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"label":")", "x":17, "y":0.375}, {"x":18, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"E", "x":3.5, "y":1}, {"label":"I", "x":15, "y":1}, {"label":"W", "x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"label":"R", "x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"label":"U", "x":14, "y":1.125}, {"label":"O", "x":16, "y":1.125}, {"label":"T", "x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":12, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"label":"Y", "x":13, "y":1.25}, {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Q", "x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"label":"P", "x":17, "y":1.375}, {"x":18, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"D", "x":3.5, "y":2}, {"label":"K", "x":15, "y":2}, {"label":"S", "x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"label":"F", "x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"label":"J", "x":14, "y":2.125}, {"label":"L", "x":16, "y":2.125}, {"label":"G", "x":5.5, "y":2.25}, {"label":"H", "x":13, "y":2.25}, {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"A", "x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"label":":", "x":17, "y":2.375}, {"x":18, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":12, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"label":"C", "x":3.5, "y":3}, {"label":"<", "x":15, "y":3}, {"label":"X", "x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"label":"V", "x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"label":"M", "x":14, "y":3.125}, {"label":">", "x":16, "y":3.125}, {"label":"B", "x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"label":"N", "x":13, "y":3.25}, {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Z", "x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"label":"?", "x":17, "y":3.375}, {"x":18, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":15, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14, "y":4.125}, {"x":16, "y":4.125}, {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":17, "y":4.375}, {"x":18, "y":4.375}, {"x":1, "y":4.375}, {"x":2, "y":4.375}, {"x":0, "y":5.375, "h":2}, {"x":1, "y":5.375, "h":2}, {"x":2, "y":5.375}, {"x":2, "y":6.375}, {"x":-3.0, "y":6.375}, {"x":-2, "y":6.375}, {"x":-3.0, "y":7.375}, {"x":-2, "y":7.375, "h":2}, {"x":-1.0, "y":7.375, "h":2}, {"x":-3.0, "y":8.375}] - }, - "LAYOUT_ergodox_pretty": { - "layout": [{"label":"#", "x":3.5, "y":0}, {"label":"*", "x":15, "y":0}, {"label":"@", "x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"label":"$", "x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"label":"&", "x":14, "y":0.125}, {"label":"(", "x":16, "y":0.125}, {"label":"%", "x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":12, "y":0.25}, {"label":"^", "x":13, "y":0.25}, {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"!", "x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"label":")", "x":17, "y":0.375}, {"x":18, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"E", "x":3.5, "y":1}, {"label":"I", "x":15, "y":1}, {"label":"W", "x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"label":"R", "x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"label":"U", "x":14, "y":1.125}, {"label":"O", "x":16, "y":1.125}, {"label":"T", "x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":12, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"label":"Y", "x":13, "y":1.25}, {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Q", "x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"label":"P", "x":17, "y":1.375}, {"x":18, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"D", "x":3.5, "y":2}, {"label":"K", "x":15, "y":2}, {"label":"S", "x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"label":"F", "x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"label":"J", "x":14, "y":2.125}, {"label":"L", "x":16, "y":2.125}, {"label":"G", "x":5.5, "y":2.25}, {"label":"H", "x":13, "y":2.25}, {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"A", "x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"label":":", "x":17, "y":2.375}, {"x":18, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":12, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"label":"C", "x":3.5, "y":3}, {"label":"<", "x":15, "y":3}, {"label":"X", "x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"label":"V", "x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"label":"M", "x":14, "y":3.125}, {"label":">", "x":16, "y":3.125}, {"label":"B", "x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"label":"N", "x":13, "y":3.25}, {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"label":"Z", "x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"label":"?", "x":17, "y":3.375}, {"x":18, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":15, "y":4}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14, "y":4.125}, {"x":16, "y":4.125}, {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":17, "y":4.375}, {"x":18, "y":4.375}, {"x":1, "y":4.375}, {"x":2, "y":4.375}, {"x":0, "y":5.375, "h":2}, {"x":1, "y":5.375, "h":2}, {"x":2, "y":5.375}, {"x":2, "y":6.375}, {"x":-3.0, "y":6.375}, {"x":-2, "y":6.375}, {"x":-3.0, "y":7.375}, {"x":-2, "y":7.375, "h":2}, {"x":-1.0, "y":7.375, "h":2}, {"x":-3.0, "y":8.375}] - } + "LAYOUT_ergodox": { + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, + {"x":7, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, + + + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + + {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":9, "y":6}, + {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2} + ] + }, + "LAYOUT_ergodox_pretty": { + "layout": [ + {"x":0, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":0}, {"x":4.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":0.25}, + {"x":9.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":10.5, "y":0.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":0}, {"x":13.5, "y":0.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":0.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":0.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":1}, {"x":4.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":1.25, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":1.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":1}, {"x":13.5, "y":1.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":1.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":1.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":2}, {"x":4.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":2.25}, + {"x":10.5, "y":2.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":2}, {"x":13.5, "y":2.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":2.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":2.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, {"x":1.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":3}, {"x":4.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":5.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":6.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, + {"x":9.5, "y":2.75, "h":1.5}, {"x":10.5, "y":3.25}, {"x":11.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":3}, {"x":13.5, "y":3.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":3.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":3.375, "w":1.5}, + + {"x":0.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":1.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":2.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":3.5, "y":4}, {"x":4.5, "y":4.125}, + {"x":11.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":12.5, "y":4}, {"x":13.5, "y":4.125}, {"x":14.5, "y":4.375}, {"x":15.5, "y":4.375}, + + {"x":6, "y":5}, {"x":7, "y":5}, {"x":9, "y":5}, {"x":10, "y":5}, + {"x":7, "y":6}, {"x":9, "y":6}, + {"x":5, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":6, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":7, "y":7}, {"x":9, "y":7}, {"x":10, "y":6, "h":2}, {"x":11, "y":6, "h":2} + ] + } } }