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commit 3c257c1c6e1685a2ce37951c26d13bcb8fad749d
parent 9c4424ae2cd86002cd2f4140eff7108212ef884e
Author: Danny <nooges@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Fri, 15 Mar 2019 17:05:50 -0400

Add avrdude split EE_HANDS flash commands (#5414)

* Add EEPROM avrdude flashing commands for setting handedness

* Update docs with info on flashing EEPROM handedness files with commands

docs/config_options.md | 4++++
tmk_core/avr.mk | 14++++++++++++--
2 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/config_options.md b/docs/config_options.md @@ -208,9 +208,13 @@ There are a few different ways to set handedness for split keyboards (listed in 1. Set `SPLIT_HAND_PIN`: Reads a pin to determine handedness. If pin is high, it's the left side, if low, the half is determined to be the right side 2. Set `EE_HANDS` and flash `eeprom-lefthand.eep`/`eeprom-righthand.eep` to each half + * For boards with DFU bootloader you can use `:dfu-split-left`/`:dfu-split-right` to flash these EEPROM files + * For boards with Caterina bootloader (like stock Pro Micros), use `:avrdude-split-left`/`:avrdude-split-right` 3. Set `MASTER_RIGHT`: Half that is plugged into the USB port is determined to be the master and right half (inverse of the default) 4. Default: The side that is plugged into the USB port is the master half and is assumed to be the left half. The slave side is the right half +#### Defines for handedness + * `#define SPLIT_HAND_PIN B7` * For using high/low pin to determine handedness, low = right hand, high = left hand. Replace `B7` with the pin you are using. This is optional, and if you leave `SPLIT_HAND_PIN` undefined, then you can still use the EE_HANDS method or MASTER_LEFT / MASTER_RIGHT defines like the stock Let's Split uses. diff --git a/tmk_core/avr.mk b/tmk_core/avr.mk @@ -223,7 +223,11 @@ define EXEC_AVRDUDE printf "Waiting for $$USB to become writable."; \ while [ ! -w "$$USB" ]; do sleep 0.5; printf "."; done; echo ""; \ fi; \ - avrdude -p $(MCU) -c avr109 -P $$USB -U flash:w:$(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex; \ + if [ -z "$(1)" ]; then \ + avrdude -p $(MCU) -c avr109 -P $$USB -U flash:w:$(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex; \ + else \ + avrdude -p $(MCU) -c avr109 -P $$USB -U flash:w:$(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex -U eeprom:w:$(QUANTUM_PATH)/split_common/$(1); \ + fi \ fi endef @@ -232,9 +236,15 @@ avrdude: $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex check-size cpfirmware avrdude-loop: $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex check-size cpfirmware while true; do \ - $(call EXEC_AVRDUDE) ; \ + $(call EXEC_AVRDUDE) ; \ done +avrdude-split-left: $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex check-size cpfirmware + $(call EXEC_AVRDUDE,eeprom-lefthand.eep) + +avrdude-split-right: $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex check-size cpfirmware + $(call EXEC_AVRDUDE,eeprom-righthand.eep) + # Convert hex to bin. bin: $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex $(OBJCOPY) -Iihex -Obinary $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).hex $(BUILD_DIR)/$(TARGET).bin