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commit 3542f594d9d6f81edf1de3ead435d19803d83092
parent 0511b522e00ec693214434806948ff2a6249f46f
Author: patrickmt <40182064+patrickmt@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Thu, 18 Apr 2019 09:35:50 -0400

Fix wake from suspend LED functionality

When waking from suspend, only enable the LED drivers if they were not previously set to disabled by the user. This functionality was removed by the recent updates to adapt Massdrop keyboards to QMK RGB Matrix. Affects Massdrop CTRL and ALT keyboards compiled using Massdrop Configurator mode.

tmk_core/common/arm_atsam/suspend.c | 6++++++
1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tmk_core/common/arm_atsam/suspend.c b/tmk_core/common/arm_atsam/suspend.c @@ -78,8 +78,14 @@ void suspend_wakeup_init_kb(void) { */ void suspend_wakeup_init(void) { #ifdef RGB_MATRIX_ENABLE +#ifdef USE_MASSDROP_CONFIGURATOR + if (led_enabled) { + I2C3733_Control_Set(1); + } +#else I2C3733_Control_Set(1); #endif +#endif suspend_wakeup_init_kb(); }