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commit 26f4e7031a643ce2760ae7b6df3bd2c79710451a
parent e885c793bcffcba03e18e93e41120b21cdfb6b75
Author: Drashna Jaelre <drashna@live.com>
Date:   Mon,  1 Oct 2018 17:53:47 -0700

Add tap_code function (#3784)

* Add tap_code

* formatting

* Doc clarification

* Rename variable to make more consistent

docs/feature_macros.md | 4++++
tmk_core/common/action.h | 1+
2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/feature_macros.md b/docs/feature_macros.md @@ -228,6 +228,10 @@ This sends the `<kc>` keydown event to the computer. Some examples would be `KC_ Parallel to `register_code` function, this sends the `<kc>` keyup event to the computer. If you don't use this, the key will be held down until it's sent. +### `tap_code(<kc>);` + +This will send `register_code(<kc>)` and then `unregister_code(<kc>)`. This is useful if you want to send both the press and release events ("tap" the key, rather than hold it). + ### `clear_keyboard();` This will clear all mods and keys currently pressed. diff --git a/tmk_core/common/action.h b/tmk_core/common/action.h @@ -88,6 +88,7 @@ void process_record(keyrecord_t *record); void process_action(keyrecord_t *record, action_t action); void register_code(uint8_t code); void unregister_code(uint8_t code); +inline void tap_code(uint8_t code) { register_code(code); unregister_code(code); } void register_mods(uint8_t mods); void unregister_mods(uint8_t mods); //void set_mods(uint8_t mods);