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pm.1 (1550B)

      1 .Dd 2016-01-13
      2 .Dt PM 1
      3 .Os POSIX.1-2008
      4 .Sh NAME
      5 .Nm pm
      6 .Nd pack manager
      7 .Sh SYNOPSIS
      8 .Nm pm
      9 .Op Fl adfiuv
     10 .Op Ar PACK..
     12 .Nm
     13 installs, deletes, inspects and updates packs on a POSIX operating system.
     14 .Bl -tag -width Ds
     15 .It Fl a Ar <file>
     16 Add pack(s) under $ROOT. This action will fail if a file from the pack already
     17 exists under $ROOT (See
     18 .Fl f
     19 flag)
     20 .It Fl d Ar <arg>
     21 Delete a pack from the system based on informations loaded from either a
     22 filename or a pack name. In case of a pack name, the information is loaded
     23 from $ROOT/var/pm/<arg>
     24 .It Fl u Ar <file>
     25 Update pack(s) by first deleting it, and reinstalling it
     26 .It Fl i Ar [name]
     27 If a name is provided, dump the content of $ROOT/var/pm/<name>/files to stdout.
     28 Otherwise, list all packs installed on the system along with their version
     29 number
     30 .It Fl v
     31 Increase verbosity. There are three levels of logging, as follow:
     32 .Bl -enum -compact
     33 .It
     34 write out which action has been done (INFO)
     35 .It
     36 detail all tasks being executed (VERBOSE)
     37 .It
     38 report every change made to the filesystem (DEBUG)
     39 .El
     40 The logging level can be increased by passing the verbose flag (-v) again.
     41 Each level includes the messages of the previous ones.
     42 .It Fl f
     43 Force overwriting files during installation. This shouldn't be needed, so take
     44 extra care when using it.
     45 .El
     47 .Bl -tag -width "ROOT"
     48 .It Ev ROOT
     49 Specifies the directory to use as the rootfs for packs installation
     50 (default: /)
     51 .El
     52 .Sh SEE ALSO
     53 .Xr pack 5 ,
     54 .Xr tar 1 ,
     55 .Xr bzip2 1
     56 .Sh AUTHORS
     57 .An Willy Goiffon Aq Mt