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diff --git a/2014/05/grok-that-workflow.txt b/2014/05/grok-that-workflow.txt @@ -335,12 +335,16 @@ And there ends that narcissic article. I hope you found it interesting, even if everything I present here is totally specific to me. As a bonus, to thank you for reading this, here is a small video of my day to day workflow. Enjoy! -<video controls src="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.webm" type="video/webm"> +<video controls> +<source src="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.mp4" type="video/mp4"/> +<source src="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.webm" type="video/webm"/> +<source src="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.ogv" type="video/ogg"/> Your browser do not support embedded video. But you can download the files </video> <div class='center'> download : +<a href="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.ogv"> ogv </a> | <a href="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.mp4"> mp4 </a> | <a href="/vid/2014-05-30-workflow.webm"> webm </a> </div><br> @@ -353,8 +357,43 @@ placement would depend on my mood :)</div> <h3 id='faq'>FAQ</h3> -This section is left *intentionnaly* empty. If I receeive interesting questions -by mail, I'll answer back and quote the mail here, as a reference, so don't -be shy and [feel free to ask]( ! +If I receive interesting questions by mail, I'll answer back and quote the mail +here, as a reference, so don't be shy and [feel free to +ask]( ! + +--- + +**jumpwah** wrote: +> The mouse always seems to be at the bottom right of the focused window, why? +> Is that a feature of 2bwm? + +It's a feature of 2bwm that was added recently. 2bwm focuses windows by +following the mouse cursor, so when you alt-tab, the cursor goes over windows to +focus them. At first, it was positioned in the middle of the window, but we +found that annoying so we updated the code to let the user choose where to put +the cursor. mine is set to `BOTTOM_RIGHT`. so if you do not touch the mouse, the +cursor will always be on bottom right of your current window :-) + +--- + +**jumpwah** wrote: +> At around 0:37 in the video, when you open dwb, it seems to automatically fill +> up the remaining space available... is this also a feature of 2bwm or did you +> somehow predefine the window size? + +Both in fact. I configured dwb to spawn with a specific size, which fits the +exact size of the left area, but a smaller height. I then pressed "mod4 + =" to +maximise it vertically, to fit the remaining space + +--- + +**moisespedro** wrote: +> The way you copy those links on the pkgfile script gave me a semi. What +> browser/wm is that and how you do that? + +The browser is dwb, and WM is 2bwm. To copy the links I press ";y" and it puts +two letters above each link in the Web page. I then press the two letters +corresponding to the link I wanna yank, and it's yanked. To yank the address of +the current page, I just press "y" <!-- vim: set ft=markdown ts=4 et tw=80: -->