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diff --git a/index.txt b/index.txt @@ -1,10 +1,10 @@ -# [Toolbox](http://blog/ +# [Toolbox]( ## &mdash; 12 March, 2014 Yeah, yet another list of unix tools. Feel free to avoid it, but you'll probably miss some nice tools you've probably never heard of! I'll keep this list updated, so don't forget to check it from time to time. -# [Images in terminal](http://blog/ +# [Images in terminal]( ## &mdash; 28 January, 2014 The terminal is the heart of your linux system. You do everything through it. Everything ? No, images are still pissing you @@ -12,37 +12,37 @@ off... For my next trick, I'll preview a picture of an ant, without leaving my terminal prompt! -# [Love me some LaTex](http://blog/ +# [Love me some LaTex]( ## &mdash; 06 December, 2013 Since I'm running linux, I'm getting more and more allergic to WYSIWYG softwares. So i searched an alternative to write documents, and I've something way better than just an alternative. Here is LaTeX. -# [Plain old mails](http://blog/ +# [Plain old mails]( ## &mdash; 04 November, 2013 The other day, I ran into the "mail" tool. I decided to configure and try it out this morning, and I was really, really surprised! -# [Home, sweet home](http://blog/ +# [Home, sweet home]( ## &mdash; 28 October, 2013 There is no place like home. And this is why setting up your environment is important! If you want advices on how to build a cosy and nice graphical environment, take a look here. -# [Java without Eclipse](http://blog/ +# [Java without Eclipse]( ## &mdash; 8 September, 2013 Are you disapointed to leave your perfect UNIX environnment (vim, bash, git, ...) when it comes to java ..? Have you ever tried managing a Java project by hand ..? Trust me, it is possible ! -# [The Hard way](http://blog/ +# [The Hard way]( ## &mdash; 9 August, 2013 Do you encounter difficulties to master a tool ? Or maybe you find that you don't have enough free time to put yourself into learning how to do this or that ? Here is a well-known technic, to learn stuffs quickly, and efficiently. -# [Test your CSS !](http://blog/ +# [Test your CSS !]( ## &mdash; 8 August, 2013 Here a simple page with a few HTML tags. It's pretty useful to test your CSS, even if there are no 'difficult' layouts. Feel free to download and share!