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diff --git a/rss/feed.xml b/rss/feed.xml @@ -1,90 +0,0 @@ -<?xml version='1.0'?> -<rss version='2.0'> -<channel> -<title>Monochromatic</title> -<description>z3bra, the stripes appart</description> -<link></link> -<item> -<title> -Toolbox -</title> -<description> -Yeah, yet another list of unix tools. Feel free to avoid it, but you -I'll keep this list updated, so don't forget to check it from time -to time. -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -Images in terminal -</title> -<description> -The terminal is the heart of your linux system. You do everything -through it. Everything ? No, images are still pissing you -For my next trick, I'll preview a picture of an ant, without leaving -my terminal prompt! -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -Love me some LaTex -</title> -<description> -Since I'm running linux, I'm getting more and more allergic to WYSIWYG -softwares. So i searched an alternative to write documents, and I've -something way better than just an alternative. Here is LaTeX. -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -Plain old mails -</title> -<description> -The other day, I ran into the "mail" tool. I decided to -configure and try it out this morning, and I was really, really -surprised! -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -Home, sweet home -</title> -<description> -There is no place like home. And this is why setting up your -If you want advices on how to build a cosy and nice graphical -environment, take a look here. -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -Java without Eclipse -</title> -<description> -Are you disapointed to leave your perfect UNIX environnment -(vim, bash, git, ...) when it comes to java ..? -Have you ever tried managing a Java project by hand ..? -Trust me, it is possible ! -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -The Hard way -</title> -<description> -Do you encounter difficulties to master a tool ? Or maybe you find that you don't -have enough free time to put yourself into learning how to do this or that ? -Here is a well-known technic, to learn stuffs quickly, and efficiently. -</description> -</item> -<item> -<title> -Test your CSS ! -</title> -<description> -Here a simple page with a few HTML tags. -It's pretty useful to test your CSS, even if there are no 'difficult' layouts. -Feel free to download and share! -</description> -</item> -</channel> -</rss>