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diff --git a/2014/03/toolbox.txt b/2014/03/toolbox.txt @@ -40,18 +40,16 @@ tools, because that's too specific. * [fcount](#fcount) * [hsetroot](#hsetroot) * [ii](#ii) -* [instagram](#instagram) * [meh](#meh) * [popup](#popup) * [prout](#prout) -* [ptii](#ptii) * [skroll](#skroll) * [thingmenu](#thingmenu) * [wendy](#wendy) <h3 id='2bwm'>2bwm</h3> -[LINK]( &mdash; +[LINK]( &mdash; [SHOT](/img/2014-01-08-2bwm.jpg) It means <q>Two borders window manager</q>. This is my WM of choice. It is a @@ -89,7 +87,7 @@ shebang: `#!/usr/bin/9menu` <h3 id='bar'>bar</h3> -[LINK]( &mdash; +[LINK]( &mdash; [SHOT](/img/2014-03-13-bar.jpg) Bar (or (b)ar (a)in't (r)ecursive) is a lightweight status bar application @@ -97,12 +95,7 @@ written on top of XCB. You can pipe text to it, and it will be displayed within the bar. You can also use escape sequences to add colored backgrounds, foregrounds or underlining. -It allow the use of -[complicated]( scripts -to get a tons of infos within that thin, lovely bar. - -I forked it to add a little feature: change the width of the bar on startup, -allowing to use bar as a notification [popup](#popup) +It allow the use of complex scripts to get a tons of infos within that thin, lovely bar. <h3 id='dtach'>dtach</h3> @@ -141,7 +134,7 @@ application from one screen/tmux session to another. Isn't that cool ? <h3 id='fcount'>fcount</h3> -[LINK]( +[LINK]( That is a tool I made. It is REALLY DUMB, but totally usefull in a particular case. @@ -206,18 +199,6 @@ simple and good unix tool. I use it within a tiny script along with a tool of mine ([ptii](#ptii)) to get a quick access to the IRC without having to fire up irssi with 4 server connection, 10 channel autojoins, and such.. -<h3 id='instagram'>instagram</h3> - -[LINK]( - -My swiss-knife for screen shots. At first, I wrote it to be able to take a shot -of only one of my two screens. It's now a script with a lot of features, like -uploading, thumbnail creation, and such. - -It will also open a preview of the shot you just took, and put it in a -predifined folder. You can write your own 'upload' function to upload the way -you want - <h3 id='meh'>meh</h3> [LINK]( @@ -238,14 +219,14 @@ pressing `<enter>`. <h3 id='popup'>popup</h3> -[LINK]( +[LINK]( This is just a simple script that uses my fork of [bar](#bar) to display a small notification bar at the top left hand corner of your desktop. <h3 id='prout'>prout</h3> -[LINK]( +[LINK]( Did you notice? If you want to send a document to the printer configured to /etc/client.conf using the lp command, you need (at least, on Archlinux) to @@ -258,21 +239,9 @@ want to implement this feature... Anyway, this is pretty neat to me! I hope you'll enjoy it. -<h3 id='ptii'>ptii</h3> - -[LINK]( &mdash; -[SHOT](/img/2014-03-13-ptii.jpg) - -Here is an [ii](#ii) helper. Just fire it up in the ii's directory, and you -will be able to talk on multiple channels easily. Using simple commands like -/cn, /cp, /cl, you will be able to list and switch between channels. - -The interresting point of this tool is that it uses inotify to automatically -add channels to your list when ii create the folders. - <h3 id='skroll'>skroll</h3> -[LINK]( &mdash; +[LINK]( &mdash; [SHOT](/img/2014-03-28-skroll.gif) Here is something I wrote for fun. I don't actually need it, but other might diff --git a/2014/04/meeting-at-the-bar.txt b/2014/04/meeting-at-the-bar.txt @@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ pixels to display that ? Aaaah trickyer isn't it ? Don't worry, I wrote a small tool for that: -[skroll]( You can see it in action +[skroll]( You can see it in action [here]( So now, our output has just become: