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New article: pop it up!

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diff --git a/2014/04/pop-it-up.txt b/2014/04/pop-it-up.txt @@ -0,0 +1,263 @@ +# [Pop it up !](#) +## &mdash; 30 April, 2014 + +So you know how to build a status bar to get informations about your computer? +That's **cute**. How about bringing it to the next level? + +Let's go through another way to display informations from your lovely +computer: popup notifications ! + +### What's that ? +Popup notifications (I'll call them "popup" from now) are a tiny window that +will appear on your screen with an informative text on it, and then disappear +after a certain amount of time, or a user interaction. + +The important part is that the popups show up when an event occur, not upon user +request (well, if the user request a popup, it can still appear, obviously). + +### Usefulness +Well, most of the popup we have to deal with are annoying most of the time +(except those that notify me that I won an IPad by being the visitor number +1 000 000, it's nice to tell me!). But if you choose wisely the content and the +event to pop it, it can become really useful, and help you to unclutter your +desktop by removing useless informations. + +Do you really need to know that your laptop battery is at 78% ? **NO** +Do you really need to know that you have 0 new mails ? **NO** + +This can apply to many other informations (RAM, CPU, current workspace,..). You +don't need the information to be displayed all the time. You just need it when +it's relevant, like battery under 10%, or new mail incoming. + +But if you just LIKE to have it displayed all the time (Sometime, I enjoy a nice +status bar with the fine infos in it), then it's okay! Remember that you can +have both anyway ;) + +### Existing software +There are in fact, many notification systems that you can use: +[notify-osd](, +[twmn](, etc... + +These are fine. But as always, it's just funnier to build your own! +And in order to do so, we will need an important program: +[bar](! (note that you can use +[dzen]( too) + +I love this one, because it's really light and simple to use. Moreover, I +contributed to it ot complete the geometry setting. You can now create a window +of any size and place it wherever you want! + +### Popup itself +This part is the most simple in fact. `bar` will do anything for us. + +All you have to do is to create a script that will take a serie of argument and +put them in a resized bar on your screen. + +The simplest script I can think of is: + + #!/bin/sh + + Create the popup and make it live for 3 seconds + (echo " $@"; sleep 3) | bar -g 120x20+20+20 + +And it's working, already! +After that, you can style it to make it look like you want: + + #!/bin/sh + + # how long should the popup remain? + duration=3 + + # define geometry + barx=10 + bary=10 + barw=120 + barh=20 + + # colors + bar_bg='#ff333333' + bar_fg='#ffffffff' # white is default + + # font used + bar_font='-*-gohufont-medium-*-*--11-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1' + + # compute all this + baropt='-g ${barw}x${barh}+${barx}+${bary} -B${bar_bg} -f ${bar_font}' + + Create the popup and make it live for 3 seconds + (echo " $@"; sleep ${duration}) | bar ${baropt} + +[![simple popup](/img/thumb/2014-04-29-popup-simple.png)](/img/2014-04-29-popup-simple.png) +<span class='caption'>The simple script above, started with a random text. +It's my upper left hand-corner</span> + +Obviously, that's not an informative popup at all (is it?). All you need now is +to write some simple script to grab the informations you will need to display in +your popup. I'll not develop it here, as I already wrote a not-so-tiny section +on a subjet in my [previous +post]( + +You could then just pop notifications using: + + popup $(~/bin/volume) + + +### Automate the popups +The best thing about popups is that they spawn when it's relevent, eg: when a +new mail arrived, volume is changing or battery is low. + +To catch those event there are many way. We will run through three of them: + +* infinite loop +* inotify event +* key presses + +#### infinite loop +This one is easy. We just check whatever we want at regular interval, and +depending on some conditions, we raise a notification. That's what I use for my +battery: + + #!/bin/sh + # + # z3bra - (c) wtfpl 2014 + # check battery level, and raise a notification if the capacity is + # under a defined level + + LEVL=7 + BATC=$(sed 's/%//' /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity) + + test ${BATC} -le ${LEVL} && popup battery level: ${BATC} + +Then run this every 2 minutes or so, and it will notify you when your battery is +running low. You can put it in your `.xinitrc` or as a cron job: + + # .xinitrc + while :; do ~/bin/battery_check; sleep 120; done & + + # crontab + */2 * * * * DISPLAY=0 ~/bin/battery_check + + +#### inotify event +[Inotify (inode notify) is a Linux kernel subsystem that acts to extend +filesystems to notice changes to the +filesystem]( That strange sentence means +that you can catch an event when a node (file, socket, fifo, directory, ...) is +modified. There are many events like modification, access to a node, node moved, +etc... + +To catch those event, there are really few tools.. I wrote mine, +[wendy](, but there are other. +Just take a look at this [reddit +thread]( +to find out more. + +So let's define the environnment. There is that directory: + + $ ls ~/var/mail/INBOX + cur/ new/ tmp/ + +I use `fdm` (see [this blog +post]( to retrieve my mails +from my POP3 server. Each new mail creates a file in `~/var/mail/INBOX/new`, so +we will just need to watch file creation in that folder, and pop a notification +at each new mail. It's done like this in my `~/.xinitrc` + + # .xinitrc + # note that $MAIL is set to my inbox through my ~/.profile + wendy -m 256 -q -f ${MAIL}/new -e popup 'new mail(s)!' & + +And there we go. each time `fdm` will fetch mails to your inbox, a wild popup +will appear! + +#### key presses +The last type of popup I use is those that occur when a key is pressed. The best +exemple for that are the volume keys. I don't know how you handle this, but +personnally, I use `xbindkeys` for that. It's a software that let the user map +commands to hotkeys, which is totally useful for everything. I know some people +(`bspwm` users, mostly) use baskerville's `sxhkd` to do so. I have nothing +against this soft, but it will just not cut it here. For further explanations, +see [this comment]( + +So, if you already use `xbindkeys` to change your volume level, probably already +know what to do. + +I personally have a script to manage my volume level: + + #!/bin/sh + # + # z3bra - (c) wtfpl 2014 + # Manage ALSA Master channel + + test "$1" = "-h" && echo "usage `basename $0` [+|-|!]" && exit 0 + + level() { + amixer get Master | sed -n 's/^.*\[\([0-9]\+%\).*$/\1/p' | uniq + } + + state() { + amixer get Master | sed -n 's/^.*\[\(o[nf]\+\)]$/\1/p' | uniq + } + + test $# -eq 0 && echo "`level` `state`" && exit 0 + + case $1 in + +) amixer set Master 5%+ >/dev/null;; + -) amixer set Master 5%- >/dev/null;; + !) amixer set Master toggle >/dev/null;; + state|level) $1;; + *) amixer set Master $1 >/dev/null;; + esac + +It's quite simple. `volume +|-` will raise|lower volume, `volume !` will toggle +on/off, `volume level|state` will output the level or state, and `volume +whatever` will execute `whatever` through amixer (exemple: `volume on|off`). + +Back to the topic. Here is my `.xbindkeysrc` + + "~/bin/volume +" + XF86AudioRaiseVolume + + "~/bin/volume -" + XF86AudioLowerVolume + + "~/bin/volume !" + XF86AudioMute + + "~/bin/popup volume: $(~/bin/volume level)" + XF86AudioRaiseVolume + + "~/bin/popup volume: $(~/bin/volume level)" + XF86AudioLowerVolume + + "~/bin/popup volume: $(~/bin/volume level)" + XF86AudioMute + +There, simple. The popup command is bound to my volume keys, so each time I +press them, the notification comes up! It's quite simple. + +### Improvements +This system is not perfect at all, because popup overlap, the width and timing +is fixed, ... But it's also a bare simple system, easily hackable. You could use +it to build a more complex system on top of that. Here are a few ideas I had +(but did not bother trying :P): + +* Using [txtw]( to change width dynamically +* Use a fifo with a script that reads it to stack popups together +* Make use of the clickable area of `bar` to get rid of the popup +* Make long notifications scroll using `skroll` +* shampoo / soap +* 4 apples +* <span class='strike'>some fresh meat</span> <em>Ah, wrong list...</em> +* ... +* Be creative, as usual! + +### Good bye +I hope this will be helpful to someone. It's not meant to make you throw your +status bar away, or switch from libnotify and such. It's just a bare simple +alternative to those, as I like to have :) + +Enjoy! + +<!-- vim: set ft=markdown ts=4 et: --> diff --git a/ b/ @@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ PAGES = index.html \ 2013/12/love-me-some-latex.html \ 2014/01/images-in-terminal.html \ 2014/03/toolbox.html \ - 2014/04/meeting-at-the-bar.html + 2014/04/meeting-at-the-bar.html \ + 2014/04/pop-it-up.html FEEDS = rss/feed.xml EXTRA = css img favicon.ico diff --git a/index.txt b/index.txt @@ -1,3 +1,10 @@ +# [Pop it up !](/2014/04/pop-it-up.html) +## &mdash; 30 April, 2014 +What about a dynamic way to get in touch with your system infos? Something +like <q>How by the way, this just happened. I though you might be +interrested !</q>. That's what notifications are made for. Let's check this out +by building a whole notification system ! + # [Meeting at the bar](/2014/04/meeting-at-the-bar.html) ## &mdash; 02 April, 2014 I know that I will deceive some people but I'm not talking about alcohol here!