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Precised more usecase

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diff --git a/2014/04/pop-it-up.txt b/2014/04/pop-it-up.txt @@ -33,6 +33,10 @@ But if you just LIKE to have it displayed all the time (Sometime, I enjoy a nice status bar with the fine infos in it), then it's okay! Remember that you can have both anyway ;) +Moreover, you can use popups to notify you when a task running in the +background has finished, or that a torrent has finished downloading, or +whatever weird usage you can find! + ### Existing software There are in fact, many notification systems that you can use: [notify-osd](, @@ -44,7 +48,7 @@ And in order to do so, we will need an important program: [dzen]( too) I love this one, because it's really light and simple to use. Moreover, I -contributed to it ot complete the geometry setting. You can now create a window +contributed to it to complete the geometry setting. You can now create a window of any size and place it wherever you want! ### Popup itself @@ -258,6 +262,15 @@ I hope this will be helpful to someone. It's not meant to make you throw your status bar away, or switch from libnotify and such. It's just a bare simple alternative to those, as I like to have :) +[![popup show +off](/img/thumb/2014-04-30-popup-showoff.png)](/img/2014-04-30-popup-showoff.png) +<span class="caption">Here is a little show case of what you can achieve. I +used `stlarch_font` for the icon. +the first popup is the volume bar. It goes red when it's muted. +Next is a new mail (spawned via `touch $MAIL/new/shblah`). And finally, the +battery level, bound to a key for the purpose of the gif. Otherwise it only +shows up under 15% (written in red)</span> + Enjoy! <!-- vim: set ft=markdown ts=4 et: -->