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New article: under wendy's dress

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diff --git a/2015/03/under-wendys-dress.txt b/2015/03/under-wendys-dress.txt @@ -0,0 +1,82 @@ +# [under wendy's dress](#) +## &mdash; 31 March, 2015 + +I've been meaning to write this post for a long time. + +### who's that chick? + +[`wendy`]( is an inotify based directory and +file watch. It is by far the project I'm the most proud of. +Back in the days, I discovered this awesome feature in the kernel: `inotify`. +It's a feature that will make the kernel raise events whenever a file or +directory (let's call them "nodes") will change. +It could be the creation, deletion, move, open, close of this node, and even +more. + +After seeing there was a C library to interface with the inotify watch/events, I +immediately started writing a small program that would do one simple thing: +notify me when I received an email, and I named my creation **wendy**. + +At first, all it did was the following: + + $ wendy ~/var/mail/INBOX/new -e beep + watching directory ~/var/mail/INBOX/new + +And my motherboard's speaker would beep everytime a new file was created in the +specified directory. + +Now that it was working, I finally decided to make it more and more general, and +it finally reached its current state: a _general purpose node watcher_. + + +### how does it work? + + wendy -m 768 -f $HOME/directory -e popup "~/directory content updated" + +The above command will create a popup each time a file is created or deleted in +`~/directory`. + +`wendy` takes node names, masks, and an optionnal command, mix it up and will +then watch them up with the specified mask, and launch a command upon each event +triggered. + +Wendy can also read filenames from stdin, to add to its awesomeness ;) + + +### play with her! + +Get a popup when you receive a new e-mail + + wendy -m 256 -f ~/var/mail/inbox/new -e popup "you have a new mail" + +Automatically recompile a C project whenever a source file is changed + + find -name "*.c" | wendy -m 8 -e make + +Send an email to your admin whenever your webserver get an error + + wendy -m 8 -f /var/log/httpd/error.log -e sh -c 'tail /var/log/httpd/error.log | mail -s "[ERROR] httpd on $(hostname)" sysadmin@domain.tld' + +Make an "upload directory" on your system, using ssh and a passphrase-less private key + + wendy -v -m 264 -f ~/var/uploads | while read mask file; { + extension=$(echo $file | sed 's/^.*\.\?//') + newname=$(tr -cd '[a-z0-9]' < /dev/urandom | fold -w 8i | sed 1q).${extension:-txt} + scp -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa $file user@domain.tld:/var/www/http/downloads/$newname + } + +View manpages on the fly, as you write them + + PAGER=cat wendy -m 8 -f wendy.1 -e sh -c "clear; man ./wendy.1" + + +the only limit.. Wait, there is no limit! Just let it go (I know you hate me for +saying that...) + +### contribution + +If you find any bug, or weird behavior, or anything else, do not hesitate to +drop me an e-mail (willy at mailoo dot org). + +Keep tweaking ! +<!-- vim: set ft=markdown ts=4 et tw=80: --> diff --git a/ b/ @@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ PAGES = index.html \ 2014/11/avoid-workspaces.html \ 2014/12/so-tox-me-maybe.html \ 2015/01/you-are-the-wm.html \ - 2015/02/do-you-gopher.html + 2015/02/do-you-gopher.html \ + 2015/03/under-wendys-dress.html FEEDS = rss/feed.xml EXTRA = css img vid data errors favicon.ico diff --git a/index.txt b/index.txt @@ -1,3 +1,4 @@ +* 0x0015 - [under wendy's dress](/2015/03/under-wendys-dress.html) * 0x0014 - [Do you gopher ?](/2015/02/do-you-gopher.html) * 0x0013 - [You are the WM](/2015/01/you-are-the-wm.html) * 0x0012 - [So tox me maybe](/2014/12/so-tox-me-maybe.html)