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commit 084da04fd88faeff2be816afa213b9ab69ec77ad
parent 749172c531f209a9a862f99d3ea19a6258560f42
Author: Willy Goiffon <>
Date:   Mon Jun  3 16:16:28 2013

Merge branch 'master' of

 Xresources                          | 35 +++++++++++-----------
 vim/bundle/custom/colors/shadow.vim | 60 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 vimrc                               |  2 +-
 3 files changed, 79 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Xresources b/Xresources @@ -5,25 +5,26 @@ ! ============================================================== ! Terminal colors ---------------------------------------------- -! DARK BACKGROUND *background:#231f20 *foreground:#e8e9ca -*color0: #535353 -*color8: #747474 -*color1: #c03000 -*color9: #ff4400 -*color2: #5f7f03 -*color10: #aaff00 -*color3: #ce8510 -*color11: #ffff00 -*color4: #327074 -*color12: #44aadd -*color5: #73446f -*color13: #ff44bb -*color6: #32a084 -*color14: #4bffbe -*color7: #e8e9ca -*color15: #ffffff + +*color0: grey30 +*color1: coral4 +*color2: #526f33 +*color3: lightgoldenrod4 +*color4: skyblue4 +*color5: mediumorchid4 +*color6: darkslategray4 +*color7: grey60 + +*color8: grey40 +*color9: coral3 +*color10: #8ea433 +*color11: khaki2 +*color12: lightblue3 +*color13: mediumpurple2 +*color14: darkslategray3 +*color15: #e8e9ca ! URxvt (rxvt-unicode) ----------------------------------------- diff --git a/vim/bundle/custom/colors/shadow.vim b/vim/bundle/custom/colors/shadow.vim @@ -0,0 +1,60 @@ +" Vim colorscheme +" +" Focus on statements and values + +set background=dark + +hi clear +if exists("syntax_on") + syntax reset +endif + +let colors_name = "shadow" + +" Window elements +hi Cursor ctermfg=0 ctermbg=15 +hi Folded ctermfg=8 ctermbg=0 +hi LineNr ctermfg=7 +hi NonText ctermfg=7 +hi Normal ctermfg=7 +hi StatusLine ctermfg=15 ctermbg=0 cterm=none +hi Visual ctermfg=15 ctermbg=0 + +" Main groups +hi Comment ctermfg=15 +hi Constant ctermfg=11 cterm=none +hi Statement ctermfg=11 cterm=none +hi StatementU ctermfg=11 cterm=underline +hi Keyword ctermfg=8 +hi Underlined cterm=underline +hi Error ctermfg=15 ctermbg=1 + +hi! link String Constant +hi! link Character Constant +hi! link Number Constant +hi! link Boolean Constant +hi! link Float Constant + +hi! link Identifier Normal +hi! link Function Statement + +hi! link Operator Keyword +hi! link Preproc Keyword +hi! link Type Keyword + +hi! link Special Keyword +hi! link Ignore Normal +hi! link Todo Error + +hi! link Title Normal + +hi! link phpDefine StatementU + +hi! link HtmlArg Attribute +hi! link HtmlSpecialChar Statement + +hi! link xmlTagName Keyword +hi! link xmlEndTag Keyword +hi! link xmlEntity Statement +hi! link xmlCData Comment +hi! link xmlAttrib Attribute diff --git a/vimrc b/vimrc @@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ syntax on set t_Co=256 " Theme & colors -colorscheme ambient +colorscheme shadow " Improve color for dark bkgd set background=light